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Revenue Performance Analytics

The Impact of Revenue Performance Analytics

Reduction in time to create sales plans
Increase in annual sales revenues

Real-time Visibility into The Sales Organization’s Health

Gut intuition is important, but the combination of data and intuition translates into measurable, repeatable results. With over 90% of our customers "opting-in" to be a part of Xactly’s data benchmarks, enterprises are able to better understand how they are operating compared to industry trends. Access to real-time insights supports leaders in making informed decisions to improve sales performance by growing revenue, reducing risk, and containing costs.

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Confidence to Trust the Sales Forecast

Xactly’s Sales Performance Analytics solutions provide intelligent insights during pipeline reviews to improve sales forecasting and enhance sales processes. Greater pipeline visibility and AI-driven forecasting help increase sales forecast accuracy, improve revenue predictability, and strengthen the partnership between Sales and Finance teams. Ultimately, Xactly Sales Performance Analytics helps leaders turn data into actionable business intelligence to successfully deliver measurable results.

An AI-Driven Solution That Delivers Advanced Insights

Xactly’s Sales Performance Analytics solutions offer strategic guidance and AI-enabled insights. This includes actionable recommendations based on an organization’s internal and relevant market data. Organizations have access to AI/ML to predict sales rep attrition and proactively take measures to address it before it happens. Compare plan design and performance against industry peers with advanced filter settings that allow customers to slice and dice sales and business data and configure advanced metrics and reports that support a wide array of sales performance business needs.

Leverage AI/ML and Out-of-the-Box Reporting with Xactly Insights

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