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The right ICM choice.

No matter what legacy solutions ICM experts have used previously, everyone has experience with Xactly.

So when you’re evaluating solutions, whether you have simplistic plans and just need a basic calculation or more complex processes requiring a fully tailored solution, Xactly has you covered with the most comprehensive and extensible solution available.

For Callidus users, consider:

Xactly takes its customers’ needs and feedback into account when it comes to product development. When we ask for specific functionality, Xactly listens. That’s part of what makes Xactly a business partner and not just a vendor. We have tremendous support and experience new intelligence and innovations with Xactly.

Matt Sheppard, Global Sales Compensation Operations and Systems at LinkedIn


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Incent FAQs

But Xactly is only for…?

Though other companies may want you to believe Xactly only has a singular functionality focus, the reality is we understand the needs of businesses small and large, across regions and industries. It’s why we’ve been around for 18+ years and why we continually win innovation awards. Putting the customer at the center of everything we do not only means happy customers, it also means we get to learn the nuance inherent within every business and translate that into our innovation efforts. Reach out today, we’d love to know more about how we can help you motivate sellers, streamline operations, and remove risk from your compensation program.

How does Xactly Incent compare to SAP Callidus?

Xactly Incent is the market leader in ICM (incentive compensation management) and has extensive experience in supporting comp plan design and implementation anywhere in the range of simple to complex.

Why is ICM extensibility important?

As experts in compensation, we know that compensation work doesn’t live in a silo. There are many adjacent processes, data sources, and teams that compensation results and data must feed into to form an optimal go-to-market organization. Xactly Incent, our broader suite, and broader data integrations all work together to help your organization drive to that more data-backed and cohesive organizational state.

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