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A Composable Shift in Revenue Performance Management

Mar 05, 2024
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Today, adaptability in the face of ever-changing market dynamics is critical to the success of any business. As a reflection of these needs, Xactly is excited to announce its Winter ‘24 Release, featuring the introduction of composability across the Intelligent Revenue Platform, enabling businesses to operate with greater agility to unlock their revenue potential. Read on to learn what we’ve been up to, and how our composable platform can accelerate sustainable revenue growth for your organization.

Composable Architecture for Adaptive Change

At the heart of Xactly's Winter ‘24 Release is next-generation composability across the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform. This modern approach empowers businesses to plan, design, manage, incent, and forecast efficiently and intelligently. According to Gartner, composable modularity remains a growing architecture and investment objective for tech buyers, as it serves the increasingly urgent demand for greater business agility. By leveraging this composable architecture, businesses can achieve sustainable resilience and growth in today's dynamic business environment.

Empowering Strategic Decision-Making

Xactly's Intelligent Revenue Platform empowers business leaders to devise impactful strategies by providing more holistic visibility into the health of their revenue engine. This visibility enables businesses with the information needed to make more informed decisions, rooted in data and actionable insights surfaced by AI. In this release, Xactly is furthering its enterprise scalability by delivering enhancements to its prior period processing and advanced search functionality, accelerating the return of insights for end-users when called upon. This level of intelligence and visibility is a requirement for businesses to succeed today, where they must adapt to macroeconomic shifts, embrace technological advancements, and optimize their revenue strategies for sustainable growth.

Streamlining Critical Workflows

One of the key benefits of this release is Xactly’s ability to streamline critical sales performance management workflows. By enabling Revenue Operations teams to manage their pipeline and forecasts by region, team, product, or split across different teams, they can more quickly pinpoint where pivots may be required. With continued enhancements to Xactly Extend, businesses can simplify the composing of tailored solutions to meet unique business needs. These streamlined processes lead to improvements in operational efficiency and a renewed sense of confidence in strategic decision-making.

A Call to Action for Business Growth

This latest innovation marks a paradigm shift in revenue performance management. With its focus on composable architecture, intelligent technologies, and streamlined workflows, businesses are equipped to unlock growth opportunities and drive sustainable success. As businesses navigate the complexities of today's dynamic environment, Xactly offers the agility and adaptability they need to thrive.

Embrace the future of revenue performance management with Xactly's composable intelligent revenue platform and take your business to new heights of success. To learn more, visit

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