Entering A New Era: How to Accelerate Growth with Intelligent Revenue

Jun 23, 2021
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There’s a new seller experience upon us, and having a grasp on your organization’s revenue strategy plays a large role in helping enterprises thrive in this new era. Learn what a digital transformation could look like for your organization and how harnessing it can help you achieve maximum performance.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. But as we’re starting to resume what people used to call ‘normal’, modern business strategy is starting to feel more like a hybrid of the two—keeping momentum and big-picture goals in mind, all while staying agile and quickly responding to the market changes. Aka, the combination of traditional and contemporary business strategy. 

There’s a new seller experience emerging, and it’s one that places an emphasis on data, agility, and visibility to assist leadership to hit growth and revenue targets. research from Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index shows that 80 percent of organizations globally have fast-tracked some digital transformation programs.

Harnessing real-time insights to inform smart decision-making is an urgent need for sales organizations to maintain momentum, accelerate growth, and assure greater accuracy and precision. 

This requires an Intelligent Revenue approach. Best-in-class organizations identify Intelligent Revenue by examining the quality of its characteristics, which include:

  • Predictability - understanding what is likely to happen based on historic data and current trends
  • Profitability - uncovering what changes need to be made to optimize revenue plans
  • Resiliency - the ability to adapt plans with agility in response to unforeseen disruptions
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Intelligent Revenue is imperative to the new seller experience, and why Xactly’s solutions and future vision for Intelligent Revenue is your best option for an automated, holistic approach to unleashing your true sales power. Getting an insiders look into how to overcome these challenges requires a platform that harnesses revenue data automatically, instantly, and with the advantage of AI to make data-informed decisions.

You can’t run a marathon without the proper training and equipment. That said, organizations without Intelligent Revenue struggle to drive the results and growth they need without having the right access to data and technology. In fact, recent reports show a 55 percent increase in RevOps adoption year-over-year. When implemented, an automated and intelligent system can help organizations gain the agility they need to assess the health of revenue-driving activities. 

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Pushing through to the finish line of your digital transformation requires a strategic partnership with an Intelligent Revenue provider that can not only keep up with the pace of change, but also helps you continue on your growth trajectory. Getting an insider look into how overcoming these challenges requires a platform that harnesses revenue data automatically, instantly, and with the advantage of AI to make data-informed decisions.

Interested in hearing more about what the new seller experience looks like and how you can take advantage of that by shifting to a revenue-focused mindset? Download our recent guide, “Why a RevOps Mindset Depends on Accurate Sales Forecasting.

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Emily Jahn
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