Entering A New Era: How to Accelerate Growth with Sales Performance Management

Sep 03, 2020
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There’s a new seller experience upon us, and Sales Performance Management (SPM) plays a large role in helping enterprises thrive in this new era. Learn what a digital transformation could look like for your organization and how harnessing it can help you strongly cross the finish line of 2020.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” but 2020 has been starting to feel more like a hybrid of the two—keeping momentum and big-picture goals in mind, all while staying agile and quickly responding to the market changes. There’s a new seller experience emerging, and it’s one that places an emphasis on data, agility, and visibility to assist leadership to hit growth and revenue targets. 

Harnessing real-time insights to inform smart decision-making is an urgent need for sales organizations to maintain momentum, accelerate into the recovery, and ensure continued growth.  

Enterprises need to be prepared to continue the marathon into FY21, while at the same time, maintaining sprint speed to cross over the finish line of Q3. But what does that look like through the lens of Sales Performance Management (SPM)? SPM enables organizations to be agile and respond quickly to continuing change.. SPM is based on four key principles: automated, collaborative, data-informed and continuous. The benefits enterprises experience from SPM include: 

  • Adopting technology that gives both leadership and day-to-day users the visibility needed to course-correct and optimize sales plans on the fly. 
  • Harnessing continuous sales planning to analyze plan performance and make changes quarterly, weekly, or at a moment’s notice all while staying on track to hit goals
  • Partnering up with a full-service vendor that is willing to provide the level of strategic support needed by their customers to reach maximum performance
  • Adapting current plans with ease to reflect new market realities on a quarterly, monthly, or even daily basis 

The infographic below will give you an insider look into why Sales Performance Management is imperative to the new seller experience, and why Xactly’s solutions and future vision for Sales Performance Management is your best option for an automated, holistic approach to unleashing your true sales power.

Entering a New Sales Era: What's Next?

You can’t run a marathon without the proper training and equipment. That said, organizations without SPM will find it extremely difficult to drive results and growth without having the right access to data and technology that makes pivoting and planning a continuous initiative.

Pushing through to the finish line of your digital transformation requires a strategic partnership with an SPM provider that can not only keep up with the pace of change, but also helps you continue on your growth trajectory. 

Xactly’s platform is the only end-to-end SPM solution on the market capable of continuously planning, managing, compensating, and analyzing performance at scale. With more than 15 years of expertise, we complete more than six billion compensation calculations per month in more than 130 countries. 

Interested in hearing more about what the new seller experience looks like from the viewpoint of an industry leader? Listen to Xactly Founder & CEO Chris Cabrera as he dives into the current state of sales and what he believes will be key insights to adopt moving forward in his recent webinar. 

Erik Charles
Erik W. Charles
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