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4 Ways Xactly Show Me Can Help Sales Organizations

May 30, 2024
3 min read

In an ever-changing world, go-to-market (GTM) teams are faced with increasingly unpredictable business environments, requiring them to remain agile and adaptable to stay ahead of the game. To succeed in this rapidly changing landscape, organizations are seeking to be equipped with solutions that drive strategies that enable them to navigate these unpredictable business challenges with ease.

Introducing Xactly Show Me—a solution designed to enhance visibility and transparency across sales organizations. Quickly identifying the information they need, enables organizations to quickly make decisions informed by data and streamline their operations for greater success. Here are four ways Xactly Show Me can help GTM teams in today’s dynamic business world.

1. Product Guides

Motivation and performance issues can stem from several root causes, one being a lack of direction in accomplishing important tasks. For example, sales reps may not be versed in using incentive compensation software to track their commissions. The delay in understanding where their compensation is coming from, how it is credited, and so on, can translate into issues with motivation, performance, and more. However, strategically placing guides within a user’s workflow to provide direction and important information needed to accomplish tasks can help. 

With Xactly Show Me, a user-friendly in-app guided tour of the application can be built that highlights critical areas within a dashboard that reps revisit upon each login — helping to document the process and alleviate questions.

2. User Segmentation and Paths

Xactly Show Me offers powerful user segmentation and path customization capabilities, enhancing the user experience and driving better outcomes within sales organizations.

By leveraging Xactly Show Me, administrators can effectively segment users and analyze their usage data to gain insights into sales reps' behaviors. This valuable information allows administrators to identify specific needs and challenges faced by different user groups, enabling them to deliver targeted information and support where it is most needed.

For instance, new sales reps may find it difficult to understand their incentive statement, which can translate into onboarding, motivation, and performance issues. With Xactly Show Me, a segment can be created targeting new sales reps to provide the necessary guidance to understand their compensation structure. Alternatively, a customized path can be designed to identify and address any bottlenecks or areas where sales reps are getting stuck and then redirect them.

In the ever-evolving and unpredictable sales environment, user segmentation and path customization become vital to ensure seamless onboarding and engagement. By understanding the points where sales reps may disengage or encounter challenges, organizations can improve their onboarding processes and reduce the time required for reps to become productive contributors. This is particularly useful in our current economic state, where sales reps and teams are prone to change. Understanding where sales reps are dropping off or not engaging can improve onboarding time.

3. Usage Analytics

How often do you wonder if your sales reps are looking at their statements or reviewing their plans? Usually, there are a lot of questions on commissions and payments, leaving administrators to wonder if reps utilize their dashboards.

Xactly Show Me’s comprehensive analytics help track the Sales team’s usage and identify areas for improvement so reps can take action to optimize performance. This better understanding of sales reps' usage patterns can help prevent avoidable questions and reduce extra work since Administrative teams will have greater visibility to see what’s working and improve what’s not. This means decreased inquiries, allowing more time for other projects and strategic initiatives.

4. User Connectivity and Notifications

We live in a world where different work methods are available - remote, hybrid, and in-office. As a result, embracing digital connection at home and in the office has become critical.

To deliver a better user experience, Show Me is designed to support Xactly products with built-in notifications that are easy to create and push out to the end user. Both admins and sales reps can benefit from this application, whether they’re using Xactly for incentive compensation management or greater sales performance management initiatives — without the heavy burden of implementation time or financial cost.

Suppose a Sales organization wants to create a synergy between usage and ROI in a technology investment. In that case, these feature investments can help deliver efficiencies wherever Sales team members work.

If you’re ready to enhance product experience and user adoption and maximize return on software investment, contact us for a demo of Xactly Show Me today.

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Becca Kinsey Headshot
Becca Kinsey
Product Marketing Manager

Becca Kinsey is a Product Marketing Manager at Xactly. She brings 6+ years of incentive compensation experience in roles spanning from customer support to professional services and has spent the last 2+ years as part of the product management organization at Xactly.