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OpenSymmetry: Mastering Workflows with eDocs and Approvals

May 01, 2017
2 min read
Sales ops processes are often drawn-out and more complicated than needed because of poorly executed processes. Here's how OpenSymmetry solved that problem.

“It was in the email.” “What email?” How many times does the above exchange happen in your company while trying to resolve a payment dispute, get a quota approved, or close the loop on some other workflow-related activity? All too often, sales ops processes are drawn-out and more complicated than needed because of buried emails, out-of-office messages, and individuals added to conversations too late.

Workflow modules for incentive compensation management (ICM) systems allow compensation teams to streamline approvals and other sales operations, enabling smooth communication with field teams, and reducing risk by eliminating multiple manual processes. From years of helping clients get the most out of their Xactly systems, here are the top benefits of the eDocs workflow modules we found at OpenSymmetry:

1. Streamlining Dispute Resolution 

The eDocs module allows payees to submit payment disputes online if they think they are missing a transaction on their statement, or don't think the right rate was applied. The module allows them to see the status of any open request in the queue, at any given time, for review and resolution. This cuts down on the time field reps spend following up with management on the status of requests, thereby freeing up more time for selling.

2. Eliminating Email Clutter

From the sales ops standpoint, constant influx of dispute and adjustment requests in their email inboxes is a difficult and time-consuming manual process. Even the most organized administrators may find requests falling through the cracks, with no bandwidth to focus on more strategic compensation objectives outside of managing these requests.

The eDocs module helps users cut down on email exchanges outside of the tool by keeping conversations internal to the tool. This means that, at a glance, you can manage conversations all in one place, and see what projects are still pending—drastically reducing the number of potential points of failure.

3. Speeding up the Quota Approval Process

The eDocs module allows quota approval requests to flow through the system without further manual intervention. The ability to accept compensation plans online without emailing signed docs back and forth simplifies the quota approval process and increase flexibility as documents can smoothly transition through various channels in your company.

4. Managing Plan Document Routing All in One Place

When using Xactly Incent to manage plan documents, eDocs can be used for distribution, as well as communicate issues during the approval or rejection process. Plus, the whole history can be tracked in the application, providing a full audit trail. This eliminates the need to manually track and chase down documents required for sign off from different stakeholders. Leaving more time for strategic projects.

5. Automating a Full Audit Trail 

The eDocs workflow solution enables sales ops to track the submission of their requests through a controlled and auditable process. This reduces the risk of being out of compliance in the case of an audit, as every action, comment, or attachment related to an initiated request can be recorded to show the acceptance of specific quota terms and pay structures.

Evaluate your current workflows associated with ICM. If your system admins are struggling to manage a never-ending influx of emails from the field, or are challenged with keeping track of all the needed document approvals, consider reviewing your current workflows and how eDocs could streamline the overall processes.

About the Author 

Matt is a Solution Architect at OpenSymmetry, working with clients across a wide range of industries using different types of ICM tools. Matt works with project teams and clients to solve complex requirements and design challenges while following industry best practices for implementation. He supports the OS sales team with project estimates, risk assessments, and evaluation for the right tools and approaches for each client’s needs.

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