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Supercharge your Commission Planning with Salesforce & Xactly

The power of the Salesforce platform has helped companies transform their understanding of prospects and customers. A key challenge has been leveraging the information in Salesforce to drive sales performance in a meaningful way. For the past 15 years, Salesforce and Xactly have partnered to present a unified source of information to sales reps by playing the full incentive statement within Salesforce.

Join Xactly expert, Erik Charles, and, Changi Managing Director, Ghassan Chkaiban, as they discuss the complexities of incentive and commission planning and how you can harness the true power of your Salesforce data by using a tool built to calculate and manage commissions accurately and efficiently. 

Register now to find out how Xactly supercharges Salesforce to show you: 

  • The money. Access the commission statement with ease and ensure it is accurate 
  • The deal value. How the commission estimator helps tighten up pipeline forecasts
  • The agility. Create, release and measure the effectiveness of a SPIF on the fly
  • Incentive Compensation
Webinar Speakers
Erik Charles Headshot, Chief Evangelist at Xactly
Erik W. Charles
Chief Evangelist

Erik serves as a subject matter expert on the interlocking fields of revenue intelligence, revenue performance, and revenue optimization. Erik focuses on helping Xactly drive expansion and growth by better aligning positions, responsibilities, and incentives to be in sync with achievable strategic and tactical goals. He is an accomplished professional with more than two decades of experience in marketing, consulting, and product evangelization.

Ghassan Chkaiban
Ghassan Chkaiban
Managing Director, Changi

Passionately helping companies optimize and transform their business processes with cloud solutions.