The Perfect Sales Pitch Does Exist – Here's How to Get There

Mar 14, 2017
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Sales reps don't have a lot of time to grab a prospect's attention. Learn how you can craft the perfect sales pitch and increase your sales team performance.

There’s no secret sauce to delivering the perfect sales pitch. However, there are definitive actions that sales teams can take to ensure the success of their pitches. We recently hosted a webinar series on constructing the perfect sales pitch. Elay Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of Saleshood and former Senior VP of Sales Productivity at Salesforce, led an engaging conversation with Xactly’s Director of Product Marketing, Justin Lane. Here are a few key takeaways: 

Bite-sized Information

The way people seek out resources, and break down information has dramatically changed in recent years. The truth is, education doesn’t happen one way anymore. It’s not confined to a classroom, and it extends beyond boring PowerPoint presentations. People digest information better in small amounts, most often through their hand-held devices.

This same translates to your sales teams. Providing bite-sized information for your sales reps to take in on their own time, from anywhere, creates room for dramatic increases in information retention.

Peer-to-Peer Reviewing

Elay Cohen shared early in the webinar how surprised he was at how willing the sales community was to learn from each other. When presented in an open, constructive, non-judgmental environment, sales reps are eager to get perspective about their delivery flaws. Their drive to be better at their jobs trumps ego.

Map to the Buyer’s Journey

Every sales opportunity is unique, but there’s an overarching structure for each pitch. A sales pitch should deliver value to the customer, be focused around the customer’s business issues, and be grounded in information uncovered from the rep. Most important of all, the sales pitch should be a real conversation aimed to facilitate a discussion.

Elay shared two concrete ways to ensure the buyer’s journey is kept top of mind for sales reps. First, is the concept of “flip the pitch.” Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Ask yourself what it is they want to hear, but also why they want to hear it.

Another tip from Elay is to look out for opportunities of micro-pitches. There are many different forms of pitches, and preparing for those chances can lead quickly to a win.

Practice Makes Perfect

Studies show that sales reps will practice their pitches at least five times, and they’ll peer review at least ten times. What’s even more impressive, reps will seek out 20 times more review videos from their peers to keep practicing. You can guess that there’s a strong correlation between these numbers and the generation of revenue.

To exceed revenue goals for your business, the messages shared by your sales reps and the delivery of their pitches must be aligned. During most of the webinar, Elay reflected on his time spent at Salesforce, motivating sales reps. He mentioned how he underestimated the willingness of salespeople to share their best practices with each other. When sales team members are given the tools to do better, they will gladly use them.

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Karrie Lucero
Karrie Lucero
Creative Strategist

Karrie Lucero is a Creative Strategist at Xactly Corp. She earned Journalism and Marketing degrees from New Mexico State University and has experience in the tech and SaaS industries, content strategy and creation, video production, and brand storytelling.