SpringCM + Xactly: A Dynamic Duo for Sales Acceleration

Jan 31, 2017
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Xactly and SpringCM make a good team when it comes to sales incentive compensation. Learn more about their partnership to provide customers more value.

Everyone likes a good duo. What would Bert be without Ernie? Would Simon have sung his way into our hearts without Garfunkel? I don’t think so. Duos and partnerships are just as important when it comes to organizations. They bring out the best in each other, and when they have strategic alignment and similar goals, they can achieve incredible things for their companies and clients.

Xactly's incentive compensation solutions for sales performance management, combined with SpringCM’s contract management software come together as a best-in-class partnership that brings our customers even more value. Both companies are aligned with one another in our commitment to accelerating sales performance, delivering a simple, user-friendly solution, and providing extended value to our customers.

However, this dynamic duo didn’t stop there. Xactly and SpringCM have partnered with an amazing group of companies on the Salesforce appexchange to help customers accelerate sales. We’ve built an innovative collaboration of best-in-class cloud applications that integrate with Salesforce to help drive businesses and scale them successfully for growth.

A full band was created, if we’re sticking with our musical analogy. SalesforceSalesforce Quote to CashSpringCMDocuSign, and Xactly aid businesses and their sales reps with one holistic view of all deals from start to finish. Thanks to this integration between our cloud platforms, sales reps are able to easily build out comprehensive, accurate quotes without ever having to leave Salesforce.com.

So how does it work?

First, a deal is generated in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash and easily fed into SpringCM’s contract management system which provides the tools for managing any changes, negotiations, and approvals down the line. During the sales process, the sales rep is inevitably going to want to identify the commission they will make from the job.

Thanks to the Xactly Incent Estimator this is easy to evaluate. The final contract is sent with Docusign to capture all required signatures. Once the final contract has been signed and captured on DocuSign, the billing process is automatically activated with the invoice processed.

With all of the elements synchronized and aligned, the deal is immediately be reflected on the sales reps commission statement in Xactly Incent so the sales rep gets complete accuracy on the expected commission they will earn on the deal. This means, through Salesforce as the single source of truth, small to medium sized companies can digitally transform their business to enable a more efficient acquisition and service of their customers.

You may be thinking ‘this all sounds good, but how can I put it into action?’ One example of success is SpringCM itself, which has used Xactly’s solution to help meet the needs of its growing sales team and increase the data accuracy of its commission reports.

According to Karry Kleeman, Chief Revenue Officer of SpringCM, the company was “outgrowing [its] existing manual incentive compensation process.”

"Before choosing Xactly’s solution, sales reps were spending time shadow accounting rather than putting all of their effort into prospecting and selling. Xactly is helping SpringCM build accurate, reliable, and up-to-date commission reports so sales reps can spend as much time as possible strategizing and winning new customers,” added Kleeman.

Want to get started on your journey to inspiring increased sales performance? Find out more about SpringCM here, and delve deeper into Xactly’s solutions here.

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Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott
Manager, Content Marketing

Jordan Scott is the Manager of Content Marketing at Xactly. She attended The University of California at Santa Cruz, and received degrees in Literature and Education.