We’re Setting a New Standard for Revenue Intelligence

Mar 10, 2021
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Fresh off of Xactly's 16th anniversary, we're excited to announce our acquisition of TopOPPS. Discover how this acquisition is helping Xactly expand beyond Sales Performance Management (SPM) to provide a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end platform for Revenue Operations.

Last week, Xactly had its 16th birthday—a significant milestone for many. It represents freedom and opportunity, and today I feel that same sense of excitement and possibility for our team, product, and customers. Fresh on the heels of that annual milestone, I’m excited to share the news of our acquisition of TopOPPS, a company focused on artificial intelligence (AI), sales pipeline management, and forecasting.

Through this acquisition, Xactly is expanding beyond Sales Performance Management to deliver a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end platform for Revenue Operations. The combination combines Xactly’s data set and purpose-built AI with TopOPPS’ capabilities in one platform to advance the quality and scope of data-driven decision-making throughout the revenue lifecycle. By introducing behavioral data-driven forecasting and pipeline management, a new standard of intelligence is redefining revenue performance and eliminating status quo thinking. 

With this new platform, we’re delivering the C-suite an end-to-end revenue solution that bridges the long-existing gap between front and back-office operations. By focusing on planning, territory and quota, incentives, pipeline management, and forecasting, the platform is equipped to carry organizations through the entire revenue lifecycle—from initial strategy development to execution and prioritization of all aspects of revenue optimization. 

This gives business leaders the full picture of their Revenue Operations, a crucial component of being able to forecast correctly. With advancements in data and automation, pipeline management and forecasting have evolved to be about so much more than calling numbers on gut instinct. For sales leaders, the ability to “call the ball” has long been considered an art form. This is no longer the case. Making an accurate forecast has become a science, and as the popularity of AI-powered forecasting tools rises, leaders will have to leverage automation to stay ahead of the competition. 

Many of you know this latest acquisition isn’t our first, and it won’t be our last. One thing that has always defined my leadership philosophy is the willingness and desire to continually reinvent. As I reflect on the past years, I see a company that has always been brave and made moves to innovate and stay competitive. 

When “the cloud” was an unknown concept, we were already at the forefront of providing customers with a SaaS ICM solution. Long before much of our competition, we saw the value in data. With today’s news, our willingness to evolve and grow shows itself once again.

In keeping this innovation mindset, the future remains bright for Xactly. As we embark on this new chapter, I am confident that our culture and employees will continue to be central to our success. I know that each and every employee continually strives to live by our core C.A.R.E. Values of Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence and that singular focus will continue to drive us forward. My sincere thanks to all of you. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together next.

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Chris Cabrera
Christopher W. Cabrera
Founder and CEO

Christopher Cabrera is a seasoned executive with senior management experience at both early-stage and public companies where he has managed sales, operations, marketing, and business development.