ChartWise Medical Systems Simplifies Sales Compensation with Xactly Express

Xactly Delivers Visibility into Plans and Quotas for Fast-Growing Medical Software Company
Dec 03, 2012
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SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 3, 2012 – When Mary Cooper's former employer was acquired by another company, she inherited a complicated compensation system — and the employee misgivings that came along with it.

"They had a fancy commission tracking software that nobody trusted because there was little visibility into the calculations," she said.

Sales reps couldn't tell if their deals were being tracked correctly, and they weren't completely confident that they were getting paid accurately.

Now Cooper is executive vice president of ChartWise Medical Systems, a fast-growing medical software company based in Wakefield, RI. ChartWise has selected Xactly Express to simplify its commission processing and sidestep the distrust she encountered in her previous experience.

Xactly Express is the industry’s first self-service sales compensation management software designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Its features include the ability for salespeople to track their compensation performance and commission payouts in easy-to-read dashboards, visibility into plans and quotas, and modeling capabilities.

Express "is just visually and functionally so easy to use. Reps can see their commission calculations and be assured that they're going to get the money from their deals," Cooper said. "It will drive a comfort level that their commissions are being tracked properly."

Besides giving sales reps visibility into their deals and potential earnings, Express will allow Cooper to implement more complex commission structures.

ChartWise is still a small company, but the big-dollar deals are coming more frequently. As the sole processor of commissions, Cooper anticipated having to spend more and more time on the spreadsheets she uses for her calculations.

"I wear a lot of hats. I don't have a payroll department or a sales support team to manage this," she said. "So any time saved right now is huge for me."

When spreadsheets started to get unwieldy, Cooper's first plan was to build a database to handle her "convoluted" commission structure. "Realizing how many hours that would take, I figured there had to be something better already out there," she said.

As a user of, she searched through its AppExchange and came across Xactly, whose Incent enterprise offering is one of the store's top five apps.

She requested a demo of Express, considered the amount of time she had already sunk into her database efforts, and declared the decision "a no-brainer."

"It was ridiculous not to go with Xactly," Cooper said. "The software is very flexible, and will enable us to manage our plan very easily, it gives the sales reps access and visibility, and it's tied to Salesforce. Everything just came together."

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