Xactly Redefines the Sales Performance Management Industry

Xactly is redefining the Sales Performance Management industry. Learn how Xactly's expansion is helping enterprises accelerate economic recovery and sustain growth using automation, real-time data, and advanced AI.
Aug 18, 2020
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SAN JOSE, Calif., August 18, 2020Xactly, the leading innovator of cloud-based Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, today unveiled its new mission for the future of the SPM industry, emphasizing the urgency for enterprises to make faster, smarter decisions based on data, and laying the foundation for a series of new solutions designed to support that vision.

In today’s turbulent market, growth is not an option; it’s a governing imperative. According to Forrester, 79 percent of enterprise leaders are facing more pressure than ever to deliver on high growth targets. As such, it’s crucial that they are able to pivot quickly and plan decisively, using objective data rather than gut-level instinct: 90 percent of leaders understand the importance of real-time insights, and 84 percent feel being able to execute real-time course corrections is vital. In fact, Forrester research indicates that complacency is “the kiss of death.”

SPM technology makes enterprise agility possible in a rapidly-changing landscape. Xactly’s platform is the only end-to-end solution on the market capable of continuously planning, managing, compensating and analyzing performance at scale — all using advanced AI capabilities powered by the industry’s most comprehensive, 15-year data set. Xactly provides its customers with an automated and integrated approach to quotas, territories, and incentives, and a single source of truth that unifies teams to make informed sales decisions.

Flowserve and Cox Automotive both used Xactly’s SPM platform to rapidly adapt their sales strategies when the pandemic hit. As a result, their teams were able to stay engaged and productive, continuing operations with minimal disruption.

“Flowserve is a heavy iron industrial company, so it takes us a long time to turn the boat. We’ve got to get more agile and more nimble in our decision-making processes,” said David Lowe, Global Director of Sales at Flowserve. “Xactly has helped us travel that path and inform our choices as a true partner.

“We have had a solid partnership with Xactly for five years, and have been investing in our entire SPM platform over that time,” said Justin Ritchie, AVP of Enablement and Execution, Cox Automotive. “We did this with the intention to connect all of the data, secure it and automate our processes to assure transparency and efficiency. Xactly’s team has allowed us to move much faster through these changes.”

Over the coming weeks, Xactly will be introducing new products, solutions and services aimed at helping customers reduce risk, proactively respond to change, and improve resilience as they navigate the economic uncertainty ahead. As part of these new offerings, Xactly is rolling out a new complementary strategic service resource that leverages industry leading expertise to help customers map out a path to an optimized future state of sales performance management.

“Businesses are operating in a time when every dime counts. Waiting until the end of the quarter to make decisions is too late when surviving the week is no guarantee. That means leaders must adopt tools and technology that provide continuous visibility into performance, and the ability to adjust plans on the fly,” said Chris Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly. “For 15 years, Xactly has led the SPM evolution, grounded in the unique value of our data set. As we drive the industry forward by expanding our SPM mission, we remain firmly committed to harnessing that data to help customers accelerate economic recovery, build momentum and sustain growth on the other side of this crisis.”

Join our webinar with Forrester and Xactly’s CSO, Jamie Anderson to learn more about the critical changes happening in sales right now.

For more information on Xactly’s redefinition of SPM and to stay updated on the latest company developments, visit https://www.xactlycorp.com/.

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