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Now it literally takes less than five minutes once a week for me to import the information and start running calculations.

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Jocelyn Fennewald
Financial Analyst

With Xactly, our controller and finance team can quickly view and predict how we are aligning with budgeting and forecasting. Xactly gives us the confidence to be able to inspire improved performance with accurate compensation.

Jocelyn Fennewald, Financial Analyst
Ahead, LLC

About Ahead

Ahead, LLC is an IT services company with expertise in data center networking, server virtualization and management, enterprise -scale storage deployment, and end-user and application virtualization services. Ahead is dedicated to helping its customers transform their IT infrastructure to take advantage of new and innovative technologies, such as cloud computing. Inc. magazine recently named Ahead to its Build 100 list, an honor that recognizes companies for their sustained growth, year after year.