Carestream Gains Compensation Clarity

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From automation to visibility, analytics to Salesforce integration, Xactly Incent™ covered all our bases.

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Katie Guest
Global Sales Compensation Manager

The Challenge

Carestream Health, Inc. is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems, IT solutions, and advanced materials. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, it employs over 7,000 people, including hundreds of salespeople, serving a wide range of customers around the world. As part of a major restructuring of the internal sales organization, the executive team wanted to combine its disparate regional plans into a single global scheme. This would provide reps and management with visibility into the increasingly complex compensation process. With a broad portfolio of medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions, it also wanted to incentivize its reps to sell across its product range.

The Solution

Following a review of the market, Carestream selected Xactly Incent™, along with Xactly Analytics™ for reporting and analysis. Carestream integrated Xactly with its back office systems and Salesforce CRM to create an on-demand infrastructure to support its team of account managers, territory managers, channel managers and product specialists across the globe. Xactly’s rules-based commissions engine accurately calculates the proper pay-outs based on the plan’s many conditions. Now members of the sales team can log into Xactly from Salesforce using Xactly’s single sign-on feature and see where they stand in their compensation plan. Carestream now uses a single system to manage sales compensation and drive sales performance for all of its sales regions around the world.

The Results

With Xactly, Carestream is supporting a single, highly sophisticated global compensation plan that aligns sales behaviors across its seven regions with strategic corporate goals, offering sales team members visibility into how they are being compensated, and why. Carestream is also using Xactly Analytics to enhance information to sales people, via their incentive statement, as well as creating management reports. Having standardized on Xactly, Carestream is enjoying the far-reaching advantage of a 100 percent SaaS solution, including easy integration, seamless and cost effective scalability, low entry costs and simple maintenance. Now, the company always has the latest sales performance management software functionality without waiting on lengthy product upgrade cycles.