Highspot grows revenue and maintains high rep retention with Xactly

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We've had a really good year. Lots of our salespeople overachieved and Xactly was one of the key solutions helping make it happen.

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John Garand
Sales Manager

Highspot had a really great year.

Throughout the global ups and downs, reps are overachieving. Seller retention has remained high during one of the highest turnover rates in history. 

So how did they achieve that? There are, of course, many factors, but two important things made an impact. First, Highspot sellers understand how their compensation plans work. And that helps them focus their energy on the deals with the highest earning potential. 

This is the story of how they used Xactly Incent to do it.

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About Highspot

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With Highspot, our customers turn initiatives into the actions that sales teams must execute and enable sales leaders to measure what is and is not working with deep and actionable insights. Companies like DocuSign, Fiserv, OKTA, Red Hat, and Zillow use Highspot to manage content, to train and coach sellers, and to engage buyers. Executing your strategic initiatives with Highspot increases revenue, drives consistent rep performance, and improves rep ROI.