Commissions Processing Goes from Weeks to Days

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As we quickly expand, I know we can skyrocket that growth and propel our mobile sales team around the globe.

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Bob Kruzner
Director of Sales Operations

ServiceMax's Challenge

ServiceMax partnered with Xactly to resolve challenges they experienced due to onboarding sales representatives and managing sales commissions on spreadsheets. ServiceMax was confident that Xactly’s incentive compensation technology would reduce errors and late commission payments that had previously distracted the sales team from selling effectively. Further, it believed that Xactly would power the sales team’s performance with anytime access to important information on mobile devices, and dramatically improve processes between sales operations and finance teams.

Xactly's Solution

Using Xactly Incent Express™, ServiceMax has virtually eliminated sales compensation errors, reduced disputes, created a strong audit trail, and cut commission processing down from several weeks to just a few days. Reps easily access their commission information anytime, anywhere from one easy-to-navigate dashboard with Xactly, which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. Along with the ability to drill into transactions and payments, sales can maximize each deal’s potential with estimator features.