Improve Sales Performance and Grow Revenue with Xactly + Microsoft

As you read in our State of Revenue Intelligence Report, when it comes to growing a business and hitting your sales targets, you need to be focusing on the right type of revenue - Intelligent Revenue. This type of revenue will drive strategic growth and it is the type of revenue that is:

  • Predictable → Reliable revenue without the guesswork
  • Profitable → Focused revenue with the right deals in pipe
  • Resilient → Disaster-proof revenue that weathers any storm
Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Predict

Level-up Your Entire Organization

Compliment Your Current CRM with Our Intelligent Revenue Solution

Xactly is here to help you take control of your future revenue by:

  • Driving improved performance and accurate predictions from pipeline to paycheck
  • Delivering smarter, impactful incentives
  • Increasing sales forecast accuracy
  • Creating more profitable and predictable revenue

Xactly Forecasting® Delivers Data-Driven Revenue Predictability

Xactly Forecasting® gives Sales Leaders a clear and concise way to evaluate how their business generates and books revenue.

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Achieve Predictable Revenue

Improve sales and revenue forecasting accuracy using artificial intelligence, consolidated performance metrics, and actionable insights to easily address the health of your revenue engine.

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Forecast with Confidence

Xactly Forecasting is the single source of truth for the insights you need to predict deal outcomes, identify pipeline challenges, and recommend shifts.

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Deliver Meaningful Results

Forecasting improves team efficiency, effectiveness and forecast accuracy.

Xactly Incent® Powers Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users to Succeed

Build better incentive compensation plans to drive better performance.

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Incentive Compensation Management

Design, automate and manage incentive compensation to align seller behaviors with company revenue goals.

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Seamless Integration to Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrate Xactly products with your CRM to create a simple, configurable and holistic view of customer and opportunity data.

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Keep Sales Teams Motivated and Compensated

Enterprises use Incent to analyze comp data in real-time to continuously improve the ROI of variable spend, and better motivate sales teams around changing revenue strategies.