Data and ETL Web Services & Open API Platform

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By using Xactly Connect, you can:


Unlock the power and potential of sales performance management within your business applications to improve effectiveness and results.

Developers and Partners

Easily access the Xactly product suite and leverage APIs to develop rich integrations and complementary applications.

Create and automate data integration processes for commissions processing in the Xactly Incent system.

  • Load data from your on-premise and SaaS vendor applications into Incent.
  • Combine all necessary CRM, ERP and HRIS platforms needed for calculating your organization’s compensation plans.
  • Extract Incent compensation results for use in your own downstream systems, including payroll, data warehouses, and reporting applications.

  • Data and ETL Web Service
  • Data Flow (In/Out)
  • Automation & Scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Audit History
  • Familiar Languages
  • Based on ANSI SQL
  • Extended with xSQL & xCL (Xactly Command Language)

Integrate compensation processing into your organization’s IT workflow.

  • Functionality is easily accessed through REST APIs or directly through ODBC or JDBC drivers.
  • Based on a language well known by system integrators, ANSI SQL, and includes powerful extensions for the typical tasks common to compensation management.
  • Quickly and easily manage configuration using in-house integration experts, Xactly professional services, or 3rd party system integrators.

Xactly Connect Provides Users with the Following Benefits:

Access to Incent database tables
Fast time to implement
Full transparency and control of data integration processes
Ease of data integration
Leverages existing data integration tools & IT staff skill sets
Separate Integration environment
Data access for most existing BI/DW tools

Xactly Connectors for Salesforce and Workday