Open, Standards-Based Data Integration Platform

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Providing transparent data access and unmatched flexibility to manage and optimize compensation processes.

Screenshot of Xactly Connect user interface

A graphical web UI for enhanced visibility into data integration and automation processes.

  • Automatically load source system data, such as sales transactions and HR data, into Xactly
  • Extract results from Xactly for use in your downstream systems, such as payroll and data warehouses
  • Leverage Xactly Connect REST APIs to pull real-time data into reporting dashboards


Based on ANSI SQL, the industry’s most open and common database language, Xactly Connect provides:

Seamless Integration

Into your existing IT infrastructure to automate and streamline inbound and outbound data processing

Advanced Sales Performance Management Functionality

Including Xactly Insights, out-of-the-box reporting, and easy-to-use analytics

Flexibility and Choice

With multiple implementation options, including internal IT teams, third party systems integrators, or Xactly professional services

  • Data and ETL Web Service
  • Data Flow (In/Out)
  • Automation & Scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Audit History
  • Familiar Languages & Easy Access
  • Based on ANSI SQL
  • Extended with xSQL & xCL (Xactly Command Language)

Checking all the boxes with secure and on-demand data access.

  • Functionality is easily accessed through REST APIs or directly through ODBC or JDBC drivers.
  • Based on a language well known by systems integrators, ANSI SQL, and includes powerful extensions for the typical tasks common to compensation management.
  • Leverages existing data integration tools and skill sets
  • Able to access Xactly Incent database tables


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