Xactly Connect™

Open API Platform

Supercharge your business applications with rich incentive compensation data and functionality


By using Xactly Connect, you can:


Unlock the power and potential of sales performance management within your business applications to improve effectiveness and results.

Developers and Partners

Easily access the Xactly product suite and leverage APIs to develop rich integrations and complementary applications.

“Integrating the best of Xactly with partner applications helps our customers do their jobs better and more efficiently, with less hassle.”

– Ron Rasmussen, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Xactly Corporation

Published API’s for Xactly Connect

Leverage pre-built connectors to enhance your business applications with robust incentive compensation functionality and the latest data:

  • Xactly Incentive Estimator – estimate potential commissions against opportunities based on current attainment levels and compensation plan.
  • System Status – gain visibility into system availability, scheduled maintenance, and overall reliability of the Xactly Incent product suite allowing enterprises to create their own cloud applications dashboards.
  • User Event Tracking – Gain complete visibility into application activity —location, timing, data upload and download activity–in order to enhance your overall Cloud security program. This allows Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB’s) to extend their solution to Xactly.

Seamlessly Connect Xactly and Salesforce Data and Features through the Xactly Connect Open Platform

Use Case Example: Xactly Connect™ and Salesforce CPQ

Leveraging the Xactly Connect™ platform, Xactly directly integrated the Xactly Estimator™ into Salesforce CPQ’s next-generation quote-to-cash application, allowing information to easily flow between the two systems. With this new integration, sales teams can estimate potential commissions against their pipeline and then easily generate proposals, contracts, and invoices. This new capability allows sales reps to not only better understand how modifications to deal structure can impact their compensation, but it also can shorten the sales cycle.

The Xactly Connect™ platform

Xactly Connect can tie the Xactly sales performance management solution into the larger context of existing (and future) business applications using open standards to ensure ease of use. The design approach overcomes traditional SaaS data silos and technology barriers and makes it easy to run various processes.