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Motivate Employee Performance

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Xactly Objectives increases employee engagement and inspires performance by giving them more involvement and visibility into their goals.

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Automate and Streamline MBO Processes

With automated processes, Xactly Objectives lowers time spent on processes from weeks to just a few hours. Likewise, scoring performance takes just minutes for managers and employees.

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Increase Alignment Between Employees and Managers

With clearly defined, measurable, and agreed-upon goals, Xactly Objectives increases alignment between employees and managers.

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Faster and More Accurate Accruals

Using manager and rep projected payouts, administrators can give finance faster estimates on expected payouts, speeding and increasing accuracy of accruals.

Automated MBO Processes

Reduce the time spent on MBO and employee performance management. With automated processes, quickly and easily deploy MBO plans. Customize your plan’s content based on your organization’s specific needs, and score performance in just minutes.

Xactly Objectives Dashboard
Xactly Objectives Dashboard

Centralized Platform

Manage all bonus information in your performance management system, giving the entire organization access to real-time updates and eliminating the need to track multiple spreadsheets. Leverage your existing personnel data with full integration across Xactly’s Sales Performance Management (SPM) suite.

On-Demand Visibility into MBO Plans

Motivate performance and align behaviors with company objectives by giving employees increased visibility into goals and online access to track expected bonuses. See how much you are paying in bonuses, at any time, even before the period closes. 

Xactly Objectives MBO Dashboard
Xactly Objectives Dashboard

Ongoing Employee and Manager Coaching

Improve organizational alignment and employee management with clearly defined, measurable, and agreed-upon goals. Managers and employees both enter their own achievement estimates, so differences can be clearly viewed, eliminating last minute surprises.