Features and Benefits

interactive map

An interactive, map-based interface

Design and realign territories on a user-friendly intuitive interface.

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Blazing map performance

The fastest territory alignment map on the market. Interact with huge data sets with low latency.

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No implementation required

Get up and running fast with no implementation costs!

Intuitive User Experience

With Xactly Territories, users can easily upload large data sets and see them on the map within seconds. Built-in prompts make it easy to get started and streamlines the process of creating territories.

See how Xactly Territories and Xactly AlignStar work together as an integrated solution that brings sales ops and sales leadership together.

Hierarchy export from Xactly Territories

Integrated Data for Secure Collaboration

Import and export data from Salesforce into Xactly Territories via Xactly Connect. Load account entities and data, hierarchies and account assignments to create more informed territory models and align with how data is being collected and used throughout the organization.

Intelligent Guide to Align Territories

Xactly Territories’ provides a visual guide on changes required in your plan to ensure you’re building fair and balanced territories. Take the guesswork out of planning and learn to leverage data uploaded within the system to ensure opportunities are being best serviced by your sales team.