6 Effective Ways to Use Insights for Sales to Boost Operational Success

Discover how to use data from Xactly Insights to improve sales performance management, quota attainment, and more in this guide to boost operational success.

As a Sales leader, you need accurate information at your fingertips, but you likely don’t have the time to pore through mountains of data. Your existing dashboards and reports are too technical, too limited in scope, or force you to rely on colleagues in other departments to disseminate reports across the business. Xactly Insights™ for Sales addresses this information bottleneck head on, providing Sales leaders with the data they need, when they need it. Ultimately, Insights for Sales was built to provide Sales and Operations leaders with the following:

  • Actionable recommendations to improve problem areas, reduce turnover, and hit quota
  • At-a-glance team and rep performance
  • Easily-identifiable areas of risk or opportunity in your sales org
  • Benchmarking based on pay and performance data from best-in-class companies
  • Out-of-the-box reporting
  • Analytics that predict missed quota attainment, turnover risk, and more
  • Sales Performance Management