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Best Practices for SPM Vendor Evaluation

When choosing a Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor for your organization, doing your due diligence can be one of the most important parts of the process—that’s where the importance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) comes in. Think of it this way, an RFP is the first impression a company will give you when it comes to starting the SPM evaluation process. 

On the most basic level, an RFP should give you:

  • Clarity that the vendor knows and understands the pain points and challenges you need to be addressed
  • Transparency on the project’s plan including, but not limited to, pricing, deadlines, included personnel, the scope of work, and implementation strategy  
  • Justification on why their products and/or solutions are a viable solution for your organizational needs

In the grand scheme of things, an RFP serves as a jumping-off point to help gauge how well each vendor understands your project, while also creating benchmarks you can use later on to measure the project’s success. While this process may feel complicated and time-consuming, a well-written RFP can ultimately help you streamline the process of finding the best fit for the job. 

Download our RFP Guide to get started on your selection journey!

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