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Sales Forecasting 101 Toolkit with 30 Minutes to President’s Club and Xactly

Ah, sales forecasting. Everyone’s favorite exercise in sales. It’s not just about making the shot, it’s about calling your shot and showing control over your business.

Sales forecasting is critical to the success of the organization, which puts a lot of pressure on sales leaders and sellers.

That’s why we partnered with 30 Minutes to President’s Club (30MPC) on this Forecasting 101 Toolkit, and why we offer a world-class AI sales forecasting solution.

By downloading the toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • How to call your number based on deal-by-deal risk
  • How to establish sales forecast categories
  • How to assign deals to each category
  • Best practices for making your final forecast call
  • And more

Grab your copy today!