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A Seamless Transition to Optimized Sales Territories

It’s time to reimagine planning for virtual sales teams.

How we work has changed dramatically, yet many teams still struggle with territory plans designed for the old way. It’s time to rethink territory planning to achieve revenue greatness in the new normal.

3 Sales Planning Best Practices for 2021: 

  • Analyze sales capacity and ramp times to determine more accurate quotas
    • It’s time to get smarter about all the factors that go into creating spot-on quotas. Replace your best guesses with accurate data to make the call.
  • Use third-party industry data to identify additional white space territory opportunities
    • Benchmark with Xactly’s vast trove of industry data to improve your plans and uncover opportunities.
  • Identify your ideal customer profiles to prioritize prospects in different target areas
    • No more disappointing prospects and misaligned resources. Take control of precisely which customers to target and in what order.
  • Sales Performance Management