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Why Manufacturing Needs to Say Bye-Bye to Traditional Forecasting

Changing customer preferences, evolving US industrial production dynamics, decreased production and order levels, dips in employee engagement, and total industrial capacity utilization are several disruptors that impacted the Manufacturing industry due to the pandemic. However, having visibility into real-time pipeline metrics is a key capability that’s helped organizations solve forecasting challenges and call numbers with confidence, informing faster, more strategic decisions to accelerate growth. These insights also support rebuilding lost revenue streams in new, innovative ways to better serve their customers, and foster more agile operations in the face of future disruptions.

In this LinkedIn Live session, you’ll hear from Xactly’s Vice President of Product Marketing Gary Cottrell and Salesforce’s Area Vice President-Manufacturing Industry Advisor Michael Janney, as they dive into:

  • Disruptors caused by the pandemic that still impact the manufacturing industry today
  • The need for new approaches and tools for reliable forecasting
  • How visibility into real-time pipeline metrics can help manufacturing orgs solve forecasting challenges
  • And more!

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