Sales Territory Planning Statistics

  • Effective territory management can also result in positive business benefits, including: 15% higher revenue; 20% increase in sales productivity; 15% increase in territory efficiency, 75% reduced planning time and up to 30% higher sales objective attainment (Intangent)

  • Sales organizations that thoughtfully design and optimize sales territories can realize 10-20% increases in sales productivity (Alexander Group)

  • Territory design and optimization should be an annual process; if territories are not adjusted periodically, sales organizations can encounter situations where growth is constrained in up to 20-30% of territories. (Alexander Group)

  • Intuitive sizing and deployment will maximize profit contributed by sales organizations; businesses can see revenue lift opportunities increase by 20% while cost reduction and reallocation increase by 10-15%. (Alexander Group)

Forecasting Statistics

Sales Compensation Statistics

  • Only 24% of sellers can easily calculate their total variable compensation (Gartner)

  • It’s normal for businesses to spend between 40-80% of their gross revenue on employee compensation, which includes both salary and benefits (Freshbooks)

  • Compensation ranked 6/10 on the list of reasons that Sales leaders changed jobs over the last two years (Xactly Insights on the Sales Talent Crisis Report)

  • Only 18% of commissions are paid in Q1; 40% of sales commissions are paid in Q4 (Xactly Insights)

Sales Analytics Statistics

Sales Retention Statistics

  • Sales organizations reported 25% average turnover over the last 12 months (Salesforce State of Sales)

  • Companies paying competitively at the 75th percentile or higher have 50% less sales turnover (Xactly Insights)

  • Top performing sales reps hit their peak quota attainment between 2-3 years in their role (Xactly Insights)

  • Top sales reps by quota attainment have a 200% higher chance of promotion and have the potential to increase team performance by 20% (Xactly Insights)

Go-To-Market (GTM) Statistics

  • Only 14% of organizations can course correct early if a GTM initiative is not working (Harvard Business Review)

  • 80% of companies will pivot innovation efforts from creativity to resilience (Forrester)

  • 94% of sales organizations plan to consolidate their tech stack in the next 12 months (Salesforce State of Sales)

  • 81% of sales reps say buyers increasingly conduct research before they reach out (Salesforce State of Sales)

  • On average, companies with revenue under $5 million rely on new customers for 80% of their revenue; companies earning between $5 million and $50 million gain 70% of their revenue from new sales (Xactly State of Revenue Intelligence Report)

  • While existing customers make up 30% of the total revenue growth across companies, those in the largest range ($250 million to $1 billion) attribute 65% of their revenue growth to existing customers (Xactly State of Revenue Intelligence Report)

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