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More Than a Commissions Calculator

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 10:00 - 10:30 AM PDT
Moving away from manual compensation management is a step in the right direction when it comes to boosting sales performance. Learn why by listening to leaders from Xactly and Canidium talk about the before and after effects of implementing Xactly in our latest joint webinar.

Processing sales commissions and getting payroll out the door can be a herculean task each month. This is especially true if you are not using a strategic, data-based software to help with the heavy lifting!

Without the extra assistance, you’re stuck doing the menial, manual work, like spending countless hours on payouts or laboring over inaccurate, overwhelming spreadsheets, instead of focusing on the strategic, rewarding aspects of your job. One word, STOP! It’s time to stop viewing your job as administrative, and start viewing it as insightful.

In this conversation, Xactly Solutions Evangelist, Erik Charles, and Canidium's Xactly Practice Lead, Tim Bensman, highlight the differences between life before and after implementing Xactly and how real-time access to data has improved their compensation processes.

In this webinar Xactly and Canidium will compare and contrast:

  • Sending out pay statements vs on-demand statements
  • Laborious report generation vs instantly available reports
  • Fragmented data vs one source of truth
  • Emailing plan documents vs sending plan docs through Xactly with approval tracking
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Sales Performance Management
Webinar Speakers
Erik Charles Headshot, Chief Evangelist at Xactly
Erik W. Charles
Chief Evangelist

Erik serves as a subject matter expert on the interlocking fields of revenue intelligence, revenue performance, and revenue optimization. Erik focuses on helping Xactly drive expansion and growth by better aligning positions, responsibilities, and incentives to be in sync with achievable strategic and tactical goals. He is an accomplished professional with more than two decades of experience in marketing, consulting, and product evangelization.