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3 Ways to Revolutionize Sales Performance Management

Nov 01, 2023
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Throughout changing market dynamics, emerging technologies, and evolving customer expectations, organizations are finding they’ve needed to continuously reassess and refine their strategies to drive sales growth and optimize performance. As a reflection of these needs, Xactly is proud to bring exciting innovation through three groundbreaking product enhancements that are reshaping the landscape of Sales Performance Management (SPM). Already witnessing widespread adoption and delivering value, these innovations are actively enabling and supporting efficient growth for its customers today. Here’s an overview of what we've been up to.

Next-Gen Calculation Engine: Transforming Data Processing Speed and Efficiency

In an era where businesses are under increasing pressure to optimize financial plans and operating models, Xactly's commitment to innovation and scalability is evident in the design of the Next-Gen Calculation Engine. Designed to revolutionize data processing, the enhancement offers unparalleled performance on an enormous scale. With 100% of Xactly Incent customers adopting this new engine, they’re not only streamlining business operations but are also significantly enhancing their data management capabilities. In fact, customers are experiencing processing speed improvements up to 300% on average. "Our Next-Gen Calculation engine has been a resounding success, with 100% customer adoption. Our customers are saving more time, reducing risk, and focusing on the value-add initiatives that help businesses thrive. The 300% increase in processing speed speaks for itself and reinforces our position as a catalyst for efficiency and growth in the industry”  emphasized Andy Drogo, Xactly’s Vice President of Product.

Advanced Pipeline Analytics: Unveiling New Insights that Drive Revenue Growth

Understanding the dynamics of the sales pipeline is a common and complex problem business leaders face. Common questions such as deal status, timing, and unexpected changes have historically proven to be elusive. With Advanced Pipeline Analytics for Xactly Forecasting, revenue leaders can make decisions based on real-time insights, allowing them to adjust strategies, allocate resources, and prioritize the right opportunities effectively to drive efficient revenue growth. According to Maria Oczko-Canant, Head of Global Sales Planning and Incentive Compensation at Workiva, “Advanced Pipeline Analytics has optimized our approach to the sales process. It enables deeper deal inspection, making our sales leadership discussions more efficient and insightful. We now have a more intelligent view into pipeline trends, providing predictability we never had before. It empowers us to make proactive, data-driven decisions and ultimately boosts our understanding of pipeline health and win rate potential."

Xactly Extend: Unleashing Efficiency and Innovation

In today's increasingly dynamic business climate, where agility in processes and collaboration across multiple stakeholders are paramount, Xactly Extend is transforming SPM by providing businesses with an avenue to streamline their operations, serve their nuanced needs more effectively, and accelerate efficiency across teams. The days of unnecessary Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) tasks to connect processes are over. But don't just take our word for it—LinkedIn has this to say, "Extend has truly ‘extended’ the capabilities of Xactly, allowing for the development of custom applications within the ecosystem without any additional infrastructure investments. This platform holds the potential to offer an impressive array of custom application services and reporting capabilities to its users. In the SPM landscape where the universality of products seldom suffices, the platform's swift application building approach provides organizations capabilities to build tailored solutions aligned with their unique operational requirements."

By understanding the evolving landscape of SPM, the intricacies of ICM, and the benefits of embracing new solutions to complex challenges, businesses can unlock opportunities for growth, enhance sales productivity, and maintain a competitive edge.

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