4 Tips to Staying Motivated After a Long Weekend

3 min read

Coming back from a long weekend can sometimes take more effort than the usual 2-day weekend. Even with the extra day to recuperate from the previous work week, it’s likely you packed all three days with activities and chores and left little time for relaxation. The motivation needed to get through Tuesday can be a lot to muster up and the thought that the 3-day weekend you’ve been looking forward to has now passed can be a bit discouraging. But have no fear, we’ve put together a few tips to stay motivated and productive on your first day back in the office.

Create a 1-3-5 plan for the day

Write down one large task that you’d like to accomplish that day. Follow that with three medium sized tasks that are either less time consuming or time sensitive as the first one. And finally, five smaller tasks that normally get pushed to the side like responding to emails, etc. This is what’s known as a 1-3-5 plan.

Work on the most difficult or time consuming task before lunch.

By accomplishing your large task earlier in the day you’ll be less likely to push it off to a later time or a later day.

Eat breakfast!

Nothing is worse than being sluggish and hungry at the office. Load up on a healthy breakfast before setting out to work. It wasn’t dubbed the “most important meal” of the day for nothing!

Avoid scheduling early morning meetings

After a holiday weekend, try to schedule meetings later in the day . This will give you more time to sort out what tasks need to be done, answer any emails that have piled up over the weekend, and prepare for any impending meetings.

Take a midday walk

Plan to take a midday walk around the office or get outside for some fresh air and a latte. Having something to look forward to will help to keep you motivated and productive throughout the morning.

By staying productive you’ll not only accomplish those tasks but your first day of the week will start off on a strong foot. And remember at the end of the day, you’re already one day closer to another weekend. Enjoy your 4-day work week!