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4 Ways to Supercharge Sales Performance and Revenue Intelligence

Nov 27, 2023
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In today's fast-paced business environment where agility is crucial, Xactly is excited to announce the launch of four new innovations designed to improve agility in sales performance management and revenue intelligence. These additions build upon the success of three product enhancements announced last month, reaffirming Xactly's commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Read on to learn what’s been going on behind the scenes at Xactly.

Operational Reporting: Real-time Decision-Making at Your Fingertips

In response to the requirement for data-driven decision-making, Xactly is introducing a fresh and innovative new reporting experience called Operational Reporting. This enhancement is a fundamental reimagining of Xactly’s reporting capabilities, and includes improved flexibility, a modernized aesthetic, and an optimized mobile experience. This enables users to more seamlessly integrate extensive data into reports and dashboards, whether sourced from Xactly or external platforms.

According to Andy Drogo, VP of Product at Xactly, "We are thrilled to bring this new Operational Reporting offering to our customers. In today's dynamic business landscape where agility is critical, our enhancement empowers leaders and practitioners to stay ahead, enabling them to make critical data-informed decisions with unprecedented speed and precision."

Workspaces: Tailored Interfaces for Streamlined Workflows

Xactly Workspaces is a first-of-its-kind solution tailored to meet the diverse requirements for modern sales performance management practitioners. With Workspaces, customers can customize interfaces and navigation structures specifically designed to align with their unique workflows and daily tasks. This structure accelerates efficiency by expediting business operations and eliminating process clutter, fostering a focused environment for tasks at hand. Incentive compensation management (ICM) and sales performance management (SPM) business processes can be complex, with significant differences in the roles certain users play throughout. Persona-based Workspaces deliver the necessary flexibility for businesses to streamline their most intricate processes.

Future Period Forecasting: Shaping Financial Outlook with Confidence

Xactly recognizes the importance for finance leaders to address both short-term challenges and long-term strategic planning. With Future Period Forecasting, finance leaders gain critical insights into their organization’s financial health up to a year into the future, delivering more robust data for strategic planning initiatives and better identification of upcoming challenges or opportunities. The ability to predict future outcomes by leveraging AI-driven pipeline analytics and predictive capabilities empowers businesses to de-risk strategies and pivot when needed.

CRM Assignments: Optimizing Efficiency in Salesforce

Xactly introduces CRM Assignments, a complementary module to the industry's first and only incentive compensation management native to Salesforce, CRM Accelerator. This solution drives operational efficiency and maximizes CRM investments for organizations utilizing the Salesforce platform.

With CRM Assignments, businesses can adapt to diverse workflows and efficiently assign sales credit in Salesforce, whether real-time or batch-based, utilizing a robust rules engine for various objects like opportunities, accounts, or custom objects. Users experience seamless and 100% native Salesforce integration, ensuring familiarity and serving as a natural extension of existing workflows.

Tom Swinbourne, CEO at Zinkt, states, "As a strategic partner with Xactly, we at Zinkt are delighted to contribute to delivering CRM Assignments to the market. Xactly's robust platform consistently empowers our innovations, showcasing its effectiveness and opportunity for growth. CRM Assignments streamlines credit assignment, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing CRM investments—something we believe is a transformative solution for businesses looking to extract the full value from their Salesforce experience and investment."

As markets change at unprecedented speeds, agility in SPM is needed to achieve and sustain success. Xactly's new solutions empower organizations to better adapt, make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and improve their financial outlook with confidence.

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