Revenue Intelligence Solutions

Xactly’s Revenue Intelligence Solutions help organizations aggregate and analyze their revenue data and leverage predictive analytics and AI to improve the efficiency and effectiveness by reducing bottlenecks, disjointed workflows and lost insights.

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Improve Pipeline Management and Forecasting Accuracy

Whether you’re a leader aiming for more accurate forecasts, or a manager looking to bolster pipeline velocity, Xactly Forecasting® allows organizations to monitor pipeline health and guide deal progression to call their forecast with confidence.


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Access Pay and Performance Insights

Xactly Insights® provides pay and performance analytics that compare your organization’s data to our more than 18 years of proprietary data* to show you where you stand and support decision making

*Aggregated and anonymized with customer consent


Leverage Sales Compensation Benchmarking

Xactly Benchmarking™ allows organizations to analyze external market factors for comparison by leveraging Xactly’s more than 18 years of proprietary pay and performance data.* This analysis enables revenue teams to build effective compensation programs that attract and retain top talent.


Simplify with Sales Data Platform Integration

Xactly Connect® automates and integrates the secure flow of data from business applications across Xactly solutions. Connect applies custom business logic to data flows and uses automation processes to combine Xactly data with internal and external data sources.

Expand Beyond Purpose-Built Capabilities to Streamline Business Processes

Xactly Extend™ allows organizations to move beyond a product’s purpose-built capabilities to ensure business processes are streamlined, eliminating countless hours spent on compiling data manually from spreadsheets and other error-prone sources.

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Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Predict

The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform is your RevOps Accelerator

Designed to deliver predictable, profitable and resilient revenue, the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform speeds RevOps transformation efforts and enables an agile go-to-market by breaking down silos across people, processes and revenue data.

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