9 Times Sales Management Needs an Onboarding and Coaching Solution

Oct 20, 2016
4 min read
Onboarding reps is a critical step in the sales training process. Learn how to identify when sales management needs and onboarding and coaching solution.

Sales leaders are constantly facing pressure to hit their numbers in the most efficient way. In order to do this, they need to be able to coach their reps to achieve better performance, and in turn lower rep turnover and retain top talent. These are critical factors for leaders to help them achieve their target numbers.

But these kinds of results don't just come out of thin air—that's where a sales coaching solution like Xactly Inspire™ comes in.

The solution helps bring scale, efficiency, and effectiveness to sales organizations’ onboarding and coaching programs. It does this by simplifying coaching efforts for both new and experienced managers through knowledge-based quizzes, peer reviews, and certifications. Here are nine ways sales managers can use Xactly Inspire to succeed.

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1. Onboarding

Get new reps to full productivity faster. Onboard new team members faster with trackable, repeatable selling methods and built-in certifications so you can ensure all your reps are on the same page and ramping up quickly.

Every Sales Manager is very familiar with sales boot camps; but sometimes it can feel like “watering the garden with a fire hose.” Lots of knowledge is dispelled, but how much is really retained?

Maximize your sales boot camps with online prep work, so your new reps come prepared with questions and basic background understanding. In addition, experienced reps can access real-time content when they need to be refreshed on messaging or training.

2. Rep Coaching and Training

Equip managers with the tools to easily and more consistently train their reps on areas where it’s needed most. Xactly Inspire provides visibility into the areas where your reps need improvement so you can course correct quickly with pre-built coaching tips, guided training modules, and micro-certifications.

You reps will be able to access “content nuggets” for any stage of the sales cycle, which will help them to be better prepared for each opportunity.

3. Team Performance Analysis 

Improve team performance based on required coaching needs. Easily identify coaching needs and tailor your efforts based on the skills required to be a top performer. Through knowledge-based quizzes, peer reviews, and certification reports you have a simple way to analyze and improve your team’s performance.

4. Communicating and Training on New Sales and Marketing Material 

Ensure every member of your sales team is communicating the same messaging. If you’re like many companies, then you’ve likely experienced reps communicating outdated messaging.

Our solution allows you to quickly distribute, train, and track usage of new Sales and Marketing material across sales teams and geographies and ensure usage of the most current messaging. Reps will be tested through knowledge-based quizzes, peer reviews, and certifications to ensure they are not just listening, but also comprehending the material.

5. Winning Sales Playbook

Train new reps quickly on your sales playbook. Playbooks are only successful if the entire sales team uses them consistently across various geographies.

Within our tool, there are “Huddles,” which allow you to train both your corporate and remote sales teams by rolling out new information for different stages of the selling cycle. This ensures your team is able to deliver consistent messages, and sales management is able to seamlessly track results.

6. “Cloning” Your Top Performers 

Get your top performers to share their best practices and winning strategies quickly and easily. Reps learn best from their peers. The social collaboration feature within Xactly Inspire lets you take recorded sales pitches of the highest performing reps and share them with their peers.

Let reps share “How they won a deal” and post them for everyone to see. This is inspiring to the team because everyone would love access to how the rock star reps are closing so much business. Getting a front-row seat to a closer’s top performances encourages middle players to up their game.

7. Increasing Sales Effectiveness 

Train your sales team on the most effective sales approach. Maximize your sales team productivity through targeted content training, certifications, and peer reviews. Your sales team can access real-time content from anywhere, on any device based on the selling needs that are required at each specific sales stage.

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8. Hiring New Talent

Get the top prospective reps to stand out from the crowd. Finding good sales reps is definitely not always easy. In a late stage interview, have your candidate deliver a sales pitch and get broader peer feedback from the team through Xactly Inspire social collaboration.

9. Retention of Top Performers 

Retain top sales talent. Pinpoint skills required for each rep to help them hit quota consistently. With Xactly Inspire’s coaching modules, you can help reps hone in on needed skills across various deals. A rep hitting his or her numbers is a happy, productive, and motivated rep.

Xactly’s Sales coaching and on-boarding solution, Xactly Inspire, helps Sales Management and Sales Enablement leaders to solve many of the challenges they face today. When you build the right onboarding and coaching program, your reps get to full quota bearing productivity faster, get compensated more quickly, be more engaged, and stay happy at work.

Now, you have the ability to report out on behaviors, and analyze and optimize these behaviors. This solution allows leaders to drill deeper into learning what works—and why—so that they can repeat it across their team.

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Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott
Manager, Content Marketing

Jordan Scott is the Manager of Content Marketing at Xactly. She attended The University of California at Santa Cruz, and received degrees in Literature and Education.