Life with Excel vs. Life with Automation

Using manual spreadsheets to manage sales compensation makes for a time-consuming process. Here's the breakdown of life with Excel and life with automation.

2 min read

At one point, flip-phones were the height of cellular technology (come on, I know you were jonesing for that bright red Razr back in '05.) At the time, it was the most cutting edge exciting phone available. But two years later the iPhone made its debut and was quickly found superior by the market.

However, even now, eight years after the initial iPhone release I still encounter people that are set in their ways and are convinced that the pain of changing to the latest form of communication will be greater than the pain of having an inefficient phone. This mindset is similar to the one that keeps people using inefficient solutions for business problems. Many companies are still using spreadsheets to calculate incentive compensation for their sales people, when they could be automating the process and saving themselves a lot of headaches. 

If you work at a company that's still using spreadsheets than you'll likely relate to the parallel "days in the life" below:

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