Productivity Hacking with Objectives

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Part of the draw of a killer MBO program, or an enviable incentive compensation strategy, is the work you do around the system. This is your opportunity to push your objectives plan past the threshold of adequacy and into the realm of excellence. You can establish yourself as an industry thought leader by taking some risks and thinking strategically about what you can do to up-level your objectives. Ultimately, this is your opportunity to think creatively and strategically about the power of your incentives, the integrity of your systems, and the impact of your objectives – the only limit is the one you set for yourself. That being said, reinventing the wheel is no easy task, so we've compiled these examples to help you along: Productivity Hacks of the Greats

  • John F. Kennedy was famous for taking naps to boost productivity
  • Nelson Mandela took long walks in the morning
  • Ernest Hemingway was more productive when standing up
  • Beethoven always woke up early so that he’d have time to get plenty done before midday break
  • Bill Gates recommends moving quickly on a good idea so that you can stay ahead of competition

Our Favorite Workplace Productivity Hacks

  • When you have a major project to complete, put away your iPhone and close down your email for at least a solid hour. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done when you’re not getting constant notifications.
  • Listen to music with no lyrics. Recent studies suggest that music eliminates distractions and can help improve your mood. However, music with lyrics was shown to have a negative effect on people trying to write due to the language part of your brain being used to listen to the song.
  • Give yourself a small incentive to complete a project. For example, tell yourself if you finish that report you get to go buy that ridiculously overpriced and delicious latte from the hipster coffee place near your office.
  • Never underestimate a simple to-do list. I like to make mine colorful and easy to check-off. It gives you a sense of satisfaction when you can visualize all the work you’re getting done.
  • Have a contest within your department. If you’re in sales a short-term SPIF can help improve productivity drastically.