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How Xactly Makes Me a Better Sales Manager

Jul 11, 2022
1 min read
Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Learn more about the Highspot and Xactly partnership in this blog.

I’m happy to report that Highspot’s had a great year. Despite the ups and downs in the outside world, lots of our salespeople have overachieved. Reps on my team are crushing their goals. 

It’s because they’re learning a very important skill. They understand how their compensation plans work. That means they look at deals in motion and focus their energy on the ones with higher earning potential (and enterprise value).

So how do we do this? There are a few important factors, including having a strong compensation solution. 

In 2020, we chose Xactly Incent to manage Highspot’s incentive compensation. It’s helped me become a better sales manager. And my team is achieving amazing results with it. 

Using Xactly Incent to Build a More Strategic Sales Team

Before Xactly, I never realized how many salespeople didn’t fully understand their comp plans. Our reps knew the quotas they had to hit. But they had more difficulty understanding how much commission they’d earned or what they could earn for deals in progress. And getting them into a spreadsheet to figure it out for themselves was a waste of time.

Using Xactly, I’m teaching my team exactly how their incentive plans work. And they’re becoming more strategic in how they 1) prioritize their time and 2) engage their customers to establish value and maximize revenue.

I can clearly see my team’s performance in Xactly’s dashboards. Then in our one-on-one meetings, we pull up Xactly and walk through individual deals. This helps them see what they’ve earned and what they could make for different opportunities, which is very motivating for all of us. It’s showing them what their hard work is worth and helping them focus on the best deals.

As reps gain familiarity with Incent, they’re able to tell me what deals are worth to them. Reps really understand how their compensation works and they’re maxing it out. 

What’s Next for Highspot?

Highspot is on an Intelligent Revenue journey. But it’s amazing to look back and see everything our team has accomplished over the past year together. Xactly has given our revenue organization more awareness and visibility into compensation.

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John Garand
John Garand
Sales Manager

John Garand is a Sales Manager at Highspot, a leading sales enablement platform that reps love. Prior to HighSpot, he has extensive experience as a Sales Director at Medallia and Sunrun. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife.