Financial Services companies have spent much of the past few years reacting to the economic downturn through market share protection strategies, streamlining operations, and adjusting to the new regulatory environment.

These new realities opened your company up to considerable competition as a result of technological innovation and service-driven business models. Now, you must leverage a combination of new products in new markets in order to move your company from a protective mode to a growth mode. Coupled with these strategies you need to build effective sales and workforce strategies, which are now imperative in your current operating environment.

Xactly’s incentive compensation offerings are an important part of these solutions for you to improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. Our industry-aligned approach features proven implementation methods and measurements. We make incentive compensation more efficient by emphasizing: plan design, best in class incentive compensation administration and use of Big Data for optimization.

Our Financial Services model provides:

  • Highly secure cloud-based infrastructure that can handle any size business and infinitely scale to meet the demands of growth.
  • Plan modeling for methodical testing and validation of compensation strategies that will maximize the ROI of incentive compensation.
  • Robust data for insights into what best-in-class financial services compensation looks like.

Other Successful Financial Services Industry Customers

Misys Banking
John Hancock
Genworth Financial
Bank of America Merchant Services
Alberta Motor Association Insurance Co.

“Instead of spending time tactically calculating compensation plans and sending out reports, we are able to be more strategic in our analysis in order to optimize and maximize incentives.”

– Roger Kopfmann, Sr. Financial Analyst