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Xactly Incent

Canidium has seasoned Consultants with a wide variety of experience across comp plans and verticals. Many of our consultants have a background in comp plan administration, so you can be sure we will design and deliver a solution for you that is scalable and easy to manage once you are live.


Xactly Connect

Canidium was the first partner to implement Connect when it was released and has since then become one of the leading Connect partners for Xactly clients both new and old! There's not much more we love than simplifying complex data processes! 



All of Canidium's consultants who are licensed on SimplyComp are also licensed on Incent. This will help you get the most value out of your solution by using and suggesting best practices that will allow you to scale and grow with ease!


Managed Services

Optimization, Reporting, Additional Modules, and Support - We cater our services to you, the customer! We won't try to fit you into a service model that doesn't work for you - instead, let us adjust to the needs you have so that we can best support and enable your team to accomplish their goals.

The Case for Team-Based Sales Incentives

Want to know more about Xactly Incent? Watch our brief demo!

Amy Eames, a Lead Consultant in Canidium's Xactly practice, walks viewers through some of Incent's key features and benefits. Canidium will guide you on where to focus, what to measure, and how to motivate your sales and service teams using your Incent solution. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you have alignment between your corporate and sales goals and that you get the best ROI from your SPM investments.

Frequently Asked Questions on Xactly Connect

Chris Pickens, a Consultant in Canidium's Xactly Practice, will help answer frequently asked questions about Xactly Connect. Learn how Connect empowers Incent, as well as the key stakeholders such as compensation admins, and the sales team.

Why Real Time Data Driven Decisions Competitive Sales
Webinar: What is SPM?

Why SPM?

Tim Bensman, Canidium's Xactly Practice Lead, sits down with Rick Roberts, Canidium's Director of Marketing and Alliances, and discusses the need for an SPM solution, and some of the benefits of Xactly. Listen to this short podcast to learn more about SPM, where Tim thinks it's heading, and how you can benefit from a solution like Xactly.

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