Features and Benefits

Cloudbyz is focused on customer success with a unique advisory led and result oriented approach to sales performance management (SPM). Our focus on combining our expertise in Strategic Alignment, Sales Process and Performance based compensation helps our customers to achieve faster time to value and achieve revenue growth targets.

Xactly Incent Implementations

Cloudbyz is a certified Xactly incent professional services partner. Cloudbyz services include planning, solution architecture & design, configurations and training.

Cloudbyz and Xactly Incent

"We at Cloudbyz look forward to growing this partnership [with Xactly] to greater heights in the coming years."


Hariharan, COO of Cloudbyz

Cloudbyz and Xactly Connect

Leveraging Xactly Connect for data connectivity

Cloudbyz has experience in Xactly Connect to automate integration with CRM, HR and Financial systems for real-time data feed to Xactly Incent. Cloudbyz team is certified in Xactly Connect. 

Supporting customer use of Xactly Insights

The Cloudbyz team is certified in Xactly Insights and has extensive experience in solution implementation to enable real-time visibility into our customers’ sales performance management and operations efficiency. Our goal is to drive and enable customer success with quick, reliable implementations that sales teams can use to monitor and improve the health of their operations. 

Cloudbyz and Xactly Insights
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