Xactly Revolutionizes Sales Performance Management with New Innovations

Xactly Extend, Next-Gen Calculation Engine and Advanced Pipeline Analytics drives revenue growth with enhanced speed and efficiency
Oct 31, 2023
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SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 1, 2023 – Xactly, the leader in intelligent revenue solutions, today announced the general availability of three next-generation innovations that are reshaping Sales Performance Management (SPM): Xactly Extend, Next-Gen Calculation Engine, and Advanced Pipeline Analytics. These innovations are the first in a series of announcements Xactly will be making over the next several months to help accelerate customer success.

“At Xactly, our commitment to innovation and scalability is unwavering. We are already witnessing widespread adoption and incredible success in the market,” said Arnab Mishra, Xactly’s Chief Operating Officer. “These enhancements are actively enabling and supporting efficient growth for our customers today.”

Xactly Extend:The industry's only SPM application development platform capable of delivering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly extend its core functionality. Core Xactly Extend features include:

  • Ability to connect and automate adjacent SPM processes to enhance end-to-end SPM workflows
  • Streamline operations by consolidating all processes on a unified platform fueled by a unified dataset

“Xactly Extend has truly ‘extended’ the capabilities of Xactly, allowing for the development of custom applications within the ecosystem without any additional infrastructure investments,” said Matthew Sheppard, Director of Global Sales Comp at LinkedIn. “This platform holds the potential to offer an impressive array of custom application services and reporting capabilities to its users. In the SPM landscape where the universality of products seldom suffices, the platform's swift application building approach provides organizations capabilities to build tailored solutions aligned with their unique operational requirements."

Next-Gen Calculation Engine: Xactly’s Next-Gen Calculation Engine is an enhancement to its Incentive Compensation Management product, Incent. This product has achieved 100% customer adoption. The Next-Gen Calculation Engine offers:

  • A 300% average improvement in data processing speed, with some customers experiencing even higher performance boosts
  • Streamlined business operations and enhanced data management capabilities

Advanced Pipeline Analytics: Xactly’s Advanced Pipeline Analytics capabilities, part of Xactly Forecasting, directly addresses a common and complex problem faced by businesses: understanding the dynamics of their sales pipeline. With Advanced Pipeline Analytics, customers are empowered to make decisions rooted in real-time insights and thereby enhance their ability to adjust strategies, allocate resources, and prioritize opportunities effectively, ultimately driving efficient growth. Core features include:

  • Transparent, data-driven view of the sales and revenue generation process
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of pipeline status and performance

"Advanced Pipeline Analytics has optimized our approach to the sales process. It enables deeper deal inspection, making our sales leadership discussions more efficient and insightful. We now have a more intelligent view into pipeline trends, providing predictability we never had before,” said Maria Oczko-Canant, Head of Global Sales Planning and Incentive Compensation at Workiva. “It empowers us to make proactive, data-driven decisions and ultimately boosts our understanding of pipeline health and win rate potential."

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