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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Incentive Compensation

Incentives are a key driver of sales behavior and overall performance. Uncover everything you need to know about designing, implementing, and optimizing sales compensation plans strategically and efficiently.

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Resiliency Through Sales Compensation Planning

In this webinar Chris Li, VP of Transformation and Innovation at Xactly, and Danny Veksler, Managing Director at KPMG, discuss how companies stay resilient by learning the essentials of sales compensation preparation, planning and execution.

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How to Navigate an Economic Shift with Incentive Compensation

In times of economic shifts, uncertainty about the future plays a pivotal role in almost every area of the business—but especially within the revenue organization. As many of the world’s experts are predicting a looming recession, how can sales leaders keep their teams motivated and performing? Dive in to learn how compensation can make a difference here.

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No two sales roles are the same, but it doesn’t mean you need hundreds of versions of compensation plans to incentivize each one. Learn the different approaches to incentive plan consolidation and how it allows for flexibility with fewer plan versions, improves strategic alignment, drives consistency in pay structures, and reduces silos and financial risk.

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Tips and Advice to Streamline Your Comp Programs and Processes

One of the biggest challenges for Sales Leaders is losing their best reps due to lack of visibility and trust that commissions will be paid accurately. But that’s just one part of the comp equation. Ensuring your comp programs are hitting the mark and driving the right behaviors requires a different set of skills and expertise. Join us as we chat with Workiva to discuss how they use Xactly to create business efficiencies, streamline processes and create world class comp programs.

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