Bazaarvoice Extends Power of Incentives Across Global Workforce

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It's very exciting to completely let go of that Finance versus Sales tension.

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Marisa Massie

Bazaarvoice's Challenge

Bazaarvoice partnered with Xactly to pay its entire workforce via incentive compensation plans, in multiple currencies, across nearly ten countries. Bazaarvoice believed that this approach would allow its distributed team to feel more connected to the company, and position motivation and performance to skyrocket. Further, with the addition of the Analytics, Sandbox, and eDocs modules, the company is able to provide its sales and finance leadership with tools to ensure forecast accuracy and interdepartmental collaboration.

Xactly's Solution

Using Xactly Incent, Bazaarvoice has delivered beyond each of its objectives, replacing the stress formerly associated with compensation by dramatically decreasing disputes and increasing accuracy of commission payments. What’s more, after the first year of the Xactly implementation, a recent company-wide survey revealed an unprecedented 95% satisfaction rate with the sales compensation team. Going forward, Bazaarvoice anticipates using Xactly’s Insights™ tool to compare its trended performance against that of other companies in the SaaS industry.