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I've been with Flowserve for 27 years. I know our customer base, our products, and our organization. What I don't know is if what we're doing is the most effective thing. That’s why I rely on experts, and through solution workshops and assessments, Xactly helps us travel that path. They can inform our choices as a true partner in a relationship.

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David Lowe
Global Director of Sales Operations

What Was the Challenge for Flowserve?

Flowserve is a global manufacturer and service provider of fluid control devices operating in over 50 countries with 17,500+ employees worldwide. The organization is responsible for supplying necessary materials for projects all over the world, such as the creation of the largest man-made river on Earth and artificial snow production for the 2018 Winter Olympics. For the first time in history, supply, demand, and the workforce have been hit all at the same time for the manufacturing industry. And for an enterprise like Flowserve, that meant the biggest instability their company had dealt with since being established over 230 years ago.


Dealing with Disruption

With real-time visibility into their global markets, Lowe was able to pivot sales plans with actionable data insights to arm his team with the knowledge and information they needed to carry on their day-to-day activities with minimal interruption. But this isn’t the first time Lowe has experienced market turbulence like this under Flowserve’s employment. He was working as a Sales Engineer during the recession of 2008, which has allowed him to take sales knowledge from that experience and apply it to the global economic crisis we are currently going through. Lowe understands Flowserve and its operations like the back of his hand, but having the additional tools and vendor support available to him now has proved to be an invaluable resource for the organization as a whole. Xactly was able to assist him in guiding Flowserve’s operational teams to uncover previously unseen insights that could only be achieved through partnership with a world-class SPM organization.


The Results

Enterprise incentive compensation plan design needs to include components to hit important objectives, which are brought to life by analyzing performance and understanding exactly where the organization is falling short. Doing this with spreadsheets is tedious and wastes valuable time that can otherwise be spent on more necessary strategic initiatives. 


When it comes to Flowserve’s reaction time to current threats in the market, Xactly’s performance dashboards provide Lowe and his team with a snapshot of performance in real-time, allowing them to drill down into potential problem areas. In times of adversity and accelerated change, Lowe and his team are able to pivot and increase operational agility when Flowserve needs to most. With access to intuitive and real-time solutions, his teams are able to rise to the occasion and prove that the organization as a whole can count on them to take control and navigate through uncertainty with confidence.