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Xactly Insights ™

Xactly Insights leverages our cloud-based Big Data platform to bring you live, empirical, and interactive incentive compensation data. By delivering commercially actionable insights from our enterprise Incent product you can compare your organization against other companies in your industry.

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Xactly Quota ™

Xactly Quota helps organizations accurately set their sales objectives with increased visibility and accountability throughout the year.

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Xactly Sandbox and Modeling

Xactly Sandbox and Modeling allow organizations to test drive compensation plan changes risk free with a full copy of their Incent production data, from configurations, to orders, and results.

Xactly SimplyComp ™

Xactly SimplyComp is the first do-it-yourself (DIY), automated incentive compensation software for growing businesses, making it effortless to design, build, and manage incentive plans with spreadsheet-like familiarity.

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Incent Express ™

Xactly Incent Express helps growing companies with up to 75 sales reps unleash the motivational power of incentive compensation.

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Incent Enterprise ™

Incent replaces tedious, spreadsheet-based manual processes for enterprise-class businesses, making any incentive compensation program easy to manage and error free.

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Xactly Connect ™

Xactly Connect is a data and ETL web service and Open API platform that provides automated data flows, letting companies seamlessly pull and push data between Incent and other core CRM, ERP and HCM platforms.

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Xactly Objectives ™

Xactly Objectives brings performance incentives to the entire workforce. By tying employee performance to incentives you can increase engagement, build high-performing teams, enhance company culture, and reward appropriately.

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Xactly eDocs & Approvals ™

Users take control of the process from beginning to end and makes it infinitely easier to customize, route, track, and approve incentive-related documents throughout the company.

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Xactly Analytics ™

Xactly Analytics provides a single, unified view of all sales compensation management (SCM) metrics. The powerful ad-hoc analysis and prebuilt SPM analytic content offers the ultimate in data slice-and-dice flexibility.

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Xactly Inspire ™

Xactly Inspire empowers organizations to increase sales performance with customized onboarding, coaching, and training software to improve rep effectiveness and get reps to full productivity faster.

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Xactly AlignStar ™

Territory Management & Optimization Software. Create and manage well-balanced, travel-efficient territories.

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Customer Focus is at the forefront of Xactly’s core values. As our values statement says, “Everything we do is about achieving total customer success. We are committed to delivering products and services that make our customers thrive.” That means our relationship with you continues long after the sales contract is signed so we can help your company achieve its strategic goals.


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The commission plan is the most effective message about what the company wants from the sales team. The commission check is the most effective way to tell the sales rep to do it again.


Xactly Express gives emerging companies the tools they need to build and manage successful incentive compensation plans that drive sales results and inspire performance.


Your employees are your company’s most important asset, so everyone benefits when you create cohesive, motivating bonus and incentive plans.


Xactly helps you take incentive compensation from a dark art to a science, providing you with Insights to help you tap the motivational power of your incentive compensation and inspire employee performance.