The commission plan is the most effective message about what the company wants from the sales team. The commission check is the most effective way to tell the sales rep to do it again.


Your employees are your company’s most important asset, so everyone benefits when you create cohesive, motivating bonus and incentive plans.


Xactly helps you take incentive compensation from a dark art to a science, providing you with Insights to help you tap the motivational power of your incentive compensation and inspire employee performance.

Inspire Performance™
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Xactly Insights ™

The latest breakthrough offering changing the world of incentive compensation. Insights is the result of analyzing more than eight years of Xactly's anonymized and aggregated data.

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Xactly Objectives ™

Employees deserve to be recognized for their performance, and performance improves when it’s tied to effective incentives. Based on the latest research on employee motivation, Xactly Objectives creates a more engaged and better-aligned workforce, helping you build high-performance teams and culture.

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Xactly Incent Pro ™

The leading cloud-based, secure sales incentive compensation solution for enterprise-class businesses with tens of thousands of sales reps. Xactly Incent Pro replaces tedious, spreadsheet based manual processes, making any incentive compensation program easy to manage and error free.

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Xactly Incent Express ™

Xactly Incent Express helps growing companies with up to 75 sales reps unleash the motivational power of incentive compensation. Our cloud-based, secure solution, built on the platform, helps you gain control of your incentive compensation by eliminating manual processes and costly errors caused by spreadsheets.

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Quota management empowers companies to plan and allocate revenue targets quickly and efficiently. In addition, it makes it simple to manage approvals and notifications while ensuring quotas are set accurately and on-time.


A multi-tenant, on-demand solution that enables companies to align its sales resources across well-defined territories and manage it in real-time to meet daily business challenges. Territories™ helps increase sales revenue, reduce operating cost, and eliminate errors in credit assignment.

Xactly’s Incentive Compensation Big Data Platform

Xactly’s Big Data platform for incentive compensation is at the heart of everything we do. Our cloud-based, scalable platform provides unmatched security, data, and computation services, and analytics that power our incentive application suite. Through the use of industry standard web-services APIs, we extend the power of our enterprise platform directly to your enterprise applications. Best of all, as a SaaS solution, our platform scales with virtually no limit.