Xactly Inspire™
Sales Coaching, Training And Onboarding Software

Innovative onboarding, coaching and training software to increase your team's sales knowledge, apply best practices, track performance, and reinforce the right behaviors.

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Speed Time to Productivity

Accelerate sales onboarding with a proven learning path of content, video practice, and social collaboration. Share top performers’ best practices with new reps to speed up time to full productivity and revenue. Identify what works well to build repeatable process that ramp up performance and help teams scale more rapidly. Utilize advanced analytics to let managers: assess rep progress, compare activity to sales performance, identify coaching opportunities, and assign individualized training.

xactly inspire dashboard
xactly inspire dashboard

Improve Sales Team Effectiveness

Quickly identify the best coaching methods for optimal rep performance.

Create micro-training courses and leverage a library of pre-built content and coaching materials such as video, slides, or sales exercises. Personalize sales skills training and create knowledge-checks improve knowledge retention. Quickly search, access, and rate the latest sales and marketing materials to ensure the best collateral gets built and used.

Enable Reps to Easily Search and Learn from Content

Access from any mobile device.

Reps can review training and educational materials from any location on any mobile device (both iOS and Android) to get recommendations for each stage of the sales process.

inspire dashboard

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