OSM Features and Benefits

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Roster and Territory Management

Maintain operational agility around personnel and territory changes without impacting the attainability of company goals.

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Quota and Credit Management

Maintain transparency on quotas, incentives and goals, while reducing time-consuming administrative burden.

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Customizable Dashboards

Increase collaboration across sales, sales leadership and operations to seamlessly manage day-to-day changes with customizable dashboards that track performance and quickly identify gaps.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack - CRM, HCM, ERP and other internal or external systems - to automate processes and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

Streamline and Operationalize Sales Plans

Remove the burden of time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with Xactly Operational Sales Management. Turn complex data sets from a variety of sources into usable insights within a single source of truth.

Execute Changes with Ease at Scale

Xactly’s sales performance management solution automates the administration of day-to-day changes that inevitably occur within a sales organization.

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Operations dashboard view in Operational Sales Management from Xactly

Tailored Solution to Address Operational Sales Challenges

Utilize a fully-customizable sales performance management solution designed to address your organization's unique operational sales challenges across four critical areas - roster, territories, quotas and credits.

Integrate Seamlessly with Xactly Incent® 

Sync user-related changes made in Incent, such as hire date, sales region and reporting manager to OSM in real-time.

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Top Use Cases for Xactly OSM

The only constant among Sales organizations is change. Xactly Operational Sales Management helps you manage the ripple effect of operational changes by ensuring that leadership across Sales, Sales Operations, Compensation, and Finance can respond to continuous changes all while still hitting their revenue goals. Ready to streamline and operationalize your Sales plans? Download your copy and discover how.

I've been with Flowserve 27 years. I know our customer base, our products, and our organization. What I don't know is if what we're doing is the most effective thing. That’s why I rely on experts, and through solution workshops and assessments, Xactly helps us travel that path. They can inform our choices as a true partner in a relationship.

David Lowe, Global Director of Sales Operations
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Xactly ranked #1 in Customer Experience, TCO/ROI, and Validation

Xactly has an impressive level of information to communicate their commitment and dedication to customer needs for RPM.