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Designing Sales Compensation Plans

With careful consideration and strategic design, you can use incentive compensation to inspire your teams and empower them to perform above and beyond the competition.

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Gartner recognizes Xactly as a Leader again

In the 2015 Magic Quadrant, Gartner has positioned Xactly as a Leader for Sales Performance Management. The Magic Quadrant report positions vendors within a particular quadrant based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

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Ready, Set, Grow: A Guide to Sales Comp Plan Execution

In Ready, Set, Grow: A Guide to Sales Comp Plan Execution, we unveil the key components to creating and executing a world-class sales compensation plan. From peaks to pitfalls, we cover the do’s and don’ts of design, and lay out a path towards growth and success for anyone willing to follow.

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Managing the Managers: The Rocket Fuel You Need

What if I told you that by managing your managers effectively, you could increase engagement across your workforce, strengthen your company culture, and even improve your bottom line? Well it’s true – if you can change the behavior of your managers by providing them better tools, training, and incentives, you can actually double the rate of engaged employees, resulting in a 147% higher EPS.

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Trending Topics in HR

Human Resources departments everywhere are going through a renaissance. With more employees seeking positions that value work/life balance, HR has had to adapt to the changing workforce and create programs that attract top talent. In this kit you can learn more about the biggest trending topics in HR. Find out how culture, vacation, and employee performance reviews impact you and your organization.

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The Uber Sales Rep

Today’s Sales Rep is plugged in and uses technology as a crucial part of their job. Organizations need to recognize how technology is reshaping their workforce in order to make the latest applications available to their teams. In The Uber Sales Rep guide, you’ll learn the impact that transitioning away from phone books and rolodexes towards mobile apps and social networks has had on the sales industry.

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[Product Video] Objectives

Align employee performance with company goals and increase engagement with Xactly Objectives. This video further explores the capabilities offered by Xactly Objectives and highlights how goals drive performance.

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2014 Ventana Research Sales Compensation Management Benchmark

This research was designed to investigate sales compensation management practices and needs and potential benefits. Download the report and learn why every organization needs a well-developed compensation strategy that utilizes incentives and rewards to motivate sales talent as fully as possible.

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CSO Insights – 2014 Key Trends Analysis

This report shares key trends and best practices for sales compensation and performance management, as well as insights based on company size, industry, and annual revenue.

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Motivating Multigenerational Teams

For the first time in decades, sales and business leaders have been tasked with managing teams made up of three very distinct generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. This transition will affect many aspects of business and being aware of the unique characteristics of each generation will enable leaders to engage and motivate in a style that will appeal to every generation.

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Four Secrets to a Successful MBO Program

Performance management programs are a necessary yet challenging process to design, implement, and adopt. Download the guide to be on our way to a trendsetting MBO program.

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SaaS Benchmark Report

In the first study of its kind, Xactly Corp analyzed the sales and incentive compensation patterns of SaaS companies during 2013 to pinpoint the impact of compensation on sales performance.

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Make your MBOs Matter

Discover how MBOs will help motivate your team, increase performance, and reward behavior in “Make your MBOs Matter.” This comprehensive guide highlights how MBOs work, why MBOs are the solution for any job function, and how they work across generations. Say goodbye to the days when employee goals got lost in the shuffle, it’s time to embrace MBOs.

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Bitter Suite: The Case for Best of Breed

It’s no secret that there are many choices when it comes to choosing software vendors. With the increasing number of cloud vendors entering the space and the established players holding steady, the options can be overwhelming. At Xactly we recognize the difficult decision you’re making and have highlighted some important things to consider in our Best of Breed versus Suite guide.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 6 Kit

In chapter 6 of Game the Plan, we dive into the art of motivation. While some may argue that people are either naturally motivated on they’re not, we’re here to call their bluff. Every employee is motivated by something; the art is in finding what that something is.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 5 Kit

Sales and Finance departments have historically had a tension-filled relationship. But they don’t have to be at odds with one another. In Chapter 5 of Game the Plan, we focus in on the ways you can bridge a gap between what can be an incredibly dynamic duo.

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Best Practices for Territory Design and Management

Handling sales territories can be a difficult endeavor for any business leader. Learn what it takes to effectively research, set, and manage territories as well as the best ways to handle sales rep pushback and how to foster a supportive team environment.

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Xactly Incent Product Video

Take control of your incentive compensation and inspire performance with Xactly Incent Pro. Our cross-functional application allows Finance, Compensation, and Sales teams greater visibility into quota attainment and employee performance giving them real-time analytics and flexibility to make changes based on market conditions.

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Incent Express Product Video

The Xactly Incent Express video dives further into the capabilities and tools offered by this cloud-based solution. See how your organization will benefit from a tool that provides visibility across departments, and increases productivity across job functions.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 4 Kit

Academic and anecdotal data have long been available to study, but not until today have we had the third leg of the stool: real-life data. With it, you can fully understand how compensation data works in your specific company and industry.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 3 Kit

In Game the Plan, we discuss the power of incentives like special performance incentive funds (SPIFs) — how they can help your company and your employees win. That’s why we have included a full-length copy of Chapter 3 in this kit: It shares how you can use SPIFs to enhance your incentive compensation plans’ performance.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 2 Kit

Employee perks are often credited for building company morale and greatly influencing whether employees accepts and stays at a job. Learn how generational traits, big data, and the history of compensation can help you build progressive perks into your compensation plan.

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12 Comp Mistakes: The Bad & The Terrible

Since 2005, Xactly has worked with thousands of customers and managed billions of dollars in incentive compensation. Given this industry experience, we’ve seen companies make the same mistakes over and over again, even with good intentions in mind. Find out the twelve most common compensation mistakes in the latest eBook from Xactly.

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CFO Call To Action: Align Sales And Finance

Sales and Finance are notorious for butting heads. Finance makes life difficult with their penny-pinching ways and Sales adds fuel to an already hot fire with their never-ending requests. But the days of contention between the two are numbered. Find out how technology is the solution to bridging this long-standing divide.

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Game the Plan Kit 1

[Game the Plan] Chapter 1 Kit

Game the Plan: Every Sales Reps’ Dream, Every CFO’s Nightmare is here, and you can dig in to this new incentive goldmine by downloading our first chapter kit! To learn how peg-legged pirates can shed light on your incentive strategy, download your Game The Plan chapter one kit today!

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Slay the Spreadsheet, Seize the Strategy.

As the complexity of sales comp increases, spreadsheets are limited in functionality and riddled with errors. In our latest report we encourage you to “Slay the Spreadsheet, Seize the Strategy.

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6 Ways Incentive Compensation Rewards Your Employees

In this 14-page report we highlight how sales, finance, and the C-suite all benefit from the accuracy, visibility, and strategic capabilities that incentive applications offer.

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Sales Incentive Compensation 101 – for Emerging Companies

Introducing a sales compensation program into your emerging business can be met with some apprehension. But by establishing a sales compensation program early, you will not only be able to bring structure to your compensation process, but the goals outlined in the plan will also help to motivate and reward your sales reps as your company grows.

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How Mid-market Companies use Incentive Compensation as a Strategic Tool to Fuel Growth

Discover how incentive compensation is helping mid-market companies grow and thrive. Credited with helping to motivate and reward employees, it’s now common for all individuals in an organization to be on incentive compensation plans. When implemented properly, the profits that a compensation program helps to bring in far outweigh the costs.

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With Xactly’s integration with Salesforce1, users now have the full power of Xactly Incent Pro and Salesforce CRM data at their fingertips. Staying connected to customer information is more critical than ever and these best-in-class apps work together to smoothly manage the entire sales cycle giving you control over your incentive compensation and allowing you to achieve more with your compensation investment- all from your phone or mobile device.

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6 Most Common Sales Compensation Mistakes

Variable compensation is a critical part of most organizations. Used to reward and motivate employees, the complexity of these plans varies from company to company; but common compensation mistakes are prevalent across many organizations.

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The Science of Motivation

Companies set up activities like off-sites, contests, and leaderboards to help motivate and encourage employees to stay enthusiastic and excited about their jobs. On a general level, motivation sounds relatively simple; but the science behind motivation can be more complex than companies and managers realize.

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Gamification: The Key to Motivating and Engaging Your Sales Reps

Sales reps are competitive by nature; they feed off of being #1, winning SPIFs, and exceeding their quotas. That’s why using gamification as a motivator fits so nicely into sales organizations – gamification can help you achieve company goals while improving sales and increasing quota performance.

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Definitive Metrics for Sales Compensation

US companies spend $800 billion a year on sales compensation. That’s three times more then they spend on advertising and $100 billion more than the government spends on national defense. Considering this, sales comp still remains one of the most difficult industries to understand, analyze, and implement. As a sales compensation solution, we’re familiar with the pain points associated with outdated and manual plans. In this kit, we’ve identified the most important metrics and put together “Definitive Metrics for Sales Compensation.”

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7 Deadly Sins of Managing Sales Compensation in Spreadsheets

Not only is creating and maintaining sales compensation plans time-consuming in spreadsheets, but paying your reps on-time and accurately can be exponentially more stressful. In this report, we investigate the 7 Deadly Sins of Managing Sales Compensation in Spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets to manage your sales comp plans can be putting you at greater risk than you might expect.

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Bring Your A-Game

Whether you are starting from scratch or a long time sales manager, building a successful sales team can be quite the task. You need to establish a team with the right people in place, handling the various functions of sales. By building carefully and rewarding your team appropriately you can guarantee an effective and productive team.

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The CFO’s Guide to Compensation Risk & Reward

The days of manually creating and implementing sales compensation plans are quickly coming to an end. If you’re a finance leader involved in managing compensation, you’re probably used to using spreadsheets to track and manage your sales compensation data.

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Incenting Generation Y: Why It’s Important

Generation Y is now an increasing portion of the workforce, and their motivators are quite different from earlier generations. These Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, grew up in a land of computers and mobile phones, and what motivates them at work may surprise you. Incenting this group properly will lead to an engaged and productive employee.

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Prevent Incentive Compensation Troubles Before They Begin: How To Effectively Manage Risk

As a finance leader, understanding and mitigating risk associated with your company has long been your responsibility. Now more than ever, risk related to sales compensation plans is at the forefront of finance leaders’ minds as plans become more complex and more difficult to appropriately implement, manage and analyze.

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2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Management Report

The results are in! The latest Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Insights Survey data has been collected and analyzed. Over 950 companies responded, providing key trends and best practices for Sales Compensation and Performance Management. This report shares the results of the survey, as well as insights based on company size, industry, and annual revenue.

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