Telecommunication Growth

Enabling Unprecedented Growth

As telecom providers adapt to new business models and services like 5G, increased visibility into performance is vital.

Xactly provides in-depth, real-time insights that enables organizations to adopt a data-driven approach to their sales quota, territory and compensation planning processes.

Telecommunications as an industry will have a forecasted value of 1.46 trillion by the end of 2020.
of telecom leaders said AI and process automation was necessary to adapt to the speed of business in 2019.
Less than 10% of Communication Service Provider (CSP) revenue comes from B2B services—and that number could increase to 50% in the next few years.
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We trust that the plans we build in Xactly’s Sales Performance Management platform will help drive success at Vodafone NZ.

Edina Sebestyen
Commissions Manager
Vodafone NZ Transforms Sales Teams’ Behavior and Drives Strategic Goals with Xactly’s Flexible SPM Platform

Empowering an Era of Sales Excellence


Make Compensation Concise

Clearly and effectively communicate incentive plan requirements to their sales team while establishing an error-free payout process.


Get Resources Right

Ensure your teams are staffed properly and drive revenue by maximizing resource capacity and efficiency.


Map out New Markets

Increase rep performance and revenue streams by refining and optimizing sales territory mapping with real-world insights.


Keep Incentives Competitive

Benchmark incentives against industry peers and use real-world insights to compare performance and pay competitively.


More Efficient Compliance

Smooth out accounting processes under ASC 606 and IFRS 15 with a digital audit trail.


Connect Your Team Globally

Increase business efficiencies by automating and streamlining data flows across locations worldwide.

Telecommunication Future

Fueling the Future of Telecom

Visibility into performance enables enterprises to gain a clear, actionable view into performance that is critical to outperform the competition. Xactly empowers telecommunication providers to take advantage of real-world insights to ensure sales teams operate at peak capacity.

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