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When Workplace Culture Drives Performance

Mar 11, 2020
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Workplace culture is an important part of business success. At Xactly, we take pride in celebrating our diverse company culture and C.A.R.E. core values.

Culture plays a big role in all of our lives. What many people don’t realize is that it impacts our motivation and performance in the office more than we think—especially when the average person spends 90,000 hours or one-third of their life at work, according to Gettysburg College.

So what is workplace culture exactly? Like in our society, culture is the personality of your organization and what makes it unique—its values, traditions, attitudes, and more. 

Why Workplace Culture is Important

When you create a positive environment for your employees, you can attract and retain top talent more easily, have high engagement, and achieve overall higher performance. On the contrary, a negative culture can lead to low morale, disengagement, and increased turnover. 

Perhaps the most important factor is that workplace culture is a top-down mindset. It has to start with leadership and work down the management chain for it to be successful. Human Resource experts ERC report that “The personality of your business is influenced by everything. Leadership, management, workplace practices, policies, people, and more impact culture significantly.”

Celebrating Culture at Xactly

Since our founding in 2005, culture has been at the heart of Xactly. In fact, when he was creating the company, Xactly Founder and CEO, Chris Cabrera wanted to center around a  positive, ambitious workplace environment. That’s why he created our four core—or as we call them—C.A.R.E. Values.

These values, when written together spell out C.A.R.E. – standing for Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. They are woven into Xactly’s business goals, and encourage employees to embrace our different backgrounds, and work together. The XactlyOne Foundation extends the C.A.R.E Values into the communities where employees live and work, encouraging a local spirit of giving and engagement throughout the entire organization.

All Xactlians are invited to share in corporate initiatives, such as the company’s annual C.A.R.E. Week that brings together the entire company to support local charitable organizations in our office communities around the globe. To date, the XactlyOne Foundation has volunteered more than 4,000 hours of service and raised more than $160,000 for local nonprofits. 

The Xactly offices have also implemented measures to increase diversity and inclusion. As a company founded in diverse ideas and values, we take pride in knowing our organization is stronger when we bring together different backgrounds. Not only does our HR team strive to hire unique individuals, but they also have created a variety of programs to educate the organization on cultural diversity.

Making Workplace Culture and Diversity a Priority

Ultimately, when it comes to driving success and high performance, workplace culture plays a huge role. As mentioned above, it’s vital that leadership set the stage and promote the attitude, values, and culture that they want the rest of the organization to live by. 

This is critical for sales teams (and really, every team in the company). In a positive environment, reps are motivated to perform better and hit their number more often. A happy organization and empowered sales team create a driven, high-performing enterprise. And really, That’s the first step to success. 

Learn more about Xactly’s culture and diversity programs and how you can identify and close potential sales pay gaps in your company in the State of Gender Equality report.

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