Sales Incentives Summit


Sales Incentives Summit


CompCloud Sales Incentives Summit is the largest gathering of Sales Incentives Experts, Sales Operations Pros, and Finance Leaders in Europe. Join us for this one day, inaugural event. Packed with new products, fresh ideas, thought leadership and cutting edge coursework designed to improve and inspire sales performance.

CompCloud Sales Incentives Summit is the largest gathering of Sales Incentives Experts, Sales Operations Pros, and Finance Leaders in Europe. Join us for this one day, inaugural event. Packed with new products, fresh ideas, thought leadership and cutting edge coursework designed to improve and inspire sales performance.

What to

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Hear about advancements in Sales Performance Management (SPM), territory planning tools, and predictive sales analytics.

Informative Sessions

Attend sessions designed to increase Xactly product expertise, ​prepare you for planning season and provide clarity of the new Revenue Recognition Standards.

Inspiring Keynotes

Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera, will welcome customers on stage to share how they leverage sales incentives to inspire sales.

Networking Opportunities

We love getting together! Mix and mingle with Xactly customers and leadership at the #xactlylovesme Happy Hour.


8:00 - 9:00 AM
Breakfast & Registration

Breakfast & Registration

9:00 - 10:30 AM
CEO Keynote and Customer Speaker

Chris Cabrera, CEO, Xactly 

10:30 - 10:45 AM

15 minute break

10:45 - 11:15 AM
Roadmap / What's New

Roadmap / What's New

11:15 - 11:45 AM
General Session: Canidium + Customer Speaker

General Session: Canidium + Customer Speaker

11:15 - 12:45pm
Express Meet Up

Customising End User Views + Advanced Admin Reporting

Join your Express peers in London for a hands-on lab and open forum discussion! Learn how to customise rep visibility from the Express Dashboard to Commission Statements. Walk through Express reporting functionality, and steps to advance the available reporting and dashboards for all levels of your team, including Sales Reps, Managers, Finance and VPs.

11:45 - 12:45 PM

Enjoy lunch at CompCloud

12:45 - 13:45 PM

Insights for Sales Leaders - Cole Connelly

Empower your sales leader to make tactical decisions based on empirical data and industry benchmarks. The new Insights experience take sales performance management to new levels by incorporating company trends and predictive analytics within context of an operational dashboard experience. Join us to learn more.

Calc 101: The Basics of Incent Calculations - Gary Cottrell

Learn about the basics of the Incent calculation process as orders flow to credits, commissions, bonuses, and payments. Also, learn about the basics of draws and balances.

Panel Discussion: The New Revenue Recognition Standards and How they Impact Sales Incentives - Carlison Morris, Erik Charles & Christopher Li

Let's talk Revenue Recognition: The new standards are here but despite the regulations that came into play on 1st January, many organisations were not prepared by this deadline and are unclear the impact the new regulations have on sales incentives. But it's not too late. In this session we will dive into all things IFRS15, the new financial reporting standards in recognising revenue from contracts, how you can get up to speed, and how the relationship with sales drives enablement, productivity and better data.

13:50 - 14:50 PM

Territory Optimisation with Viega and Xactly Alignstar - Mark Evans & Terry Vaughn

Territory planning can have a significant impact on sales productivity, revenue, and costs, yet it is often overlooked. In this session, explore the challenges organisations like Viega face when planning sales territories, the consequences of poor territory alignment, and the positive results produced with proper territory planning. Get to know the Xactly AlignStar product line, which provides Xactly customers the tools they need to optimise their territory alignments to achieve greater productivity and revenue.

Analytics: Build Easy to Read Dashboards - Gary Cottrell

Are your dashboards crowded and hard to read? Come learn about dashboard formatting and views that will allow you to create dashboards that will wow your team.

Commission Forecasting & Accruals with Xactly

This session will provide a peek at the functions and facilities available within the Xactly Incent solution that will increase forecasting and accrual accuracy, through Insights, Modeling and Analytics.  With the potential to release funds to Operational Expenditure through increased accuracy, can you afford to miss this session?

15:00 - 16:00 PM

Effective Sales Planning - Actionable, Dynamic, and Interactive!

Sales planning is vital to the success of the Sales organization. So, what makes a great sales plan? It’s a cyclical process focused on the core concepts of Plan, Execute & Analyze. Let’s dive into the common quota and capacity planning processes and methodologies used to drive the sales plan and see how we can analyze attainment results to make more informed and tactical decisions for the future. We’ll see how Sales Planning integrates within Xactly’s ecosystem of products to increase automation and boost productivity.

Integrate and Automate with Xactly Connect - Colin Shubrook & Gary Cottrell

Data integration often plays a crucial role in the successful deployment of an Xactly solution.  Learn how Connect fulfills that role, allowing our customers to build out, manage and maintain their own data integrations and see Connect in action.

Sales Compensation Design: Goal Accuracy and Plan Design - Justin Lane

When it comes to your sales compensation plans, everyone’s got an opinion, a story, or at least a strong hunch. How do you leverage all of that, plus a solid fact base, along with the best principles of change management, to prepare your plan designers to nail it this time? The key word here is Prepare. Start by recognising what sales compensation plans generally do really well (and what they don’t do so well). Then develop a clear picture of what “Better” looks like from the point of view of your executives, those who administer the plans, and your sales people. Collect the relevant facts about actual pay and performance history, and dive into the data to discover patterns, highlight trends, and debunk your company’s sales comp urban legends. Clearly document your selling roles, and finalise your point of view about who should be on a sales comp plan. Finally, assemble the right team to collaborate with you in assessing current plans and recommending the right set of changes for next year.

We’ll cover everything you need to do BEFORE you start designing. With the right preparation, your new plans will be grounded in reality and guided by the best thinking in your organisation. Prepare to succeed!

16:00 - 17:30 PM
#xactlyloveme Happy Hour

#xactlylovesme Happy Hour

& Guests


Chris Cabrera
Founder & CEO
Xactly Corp

micheline nijmeh

Micheline Nijmeh
Chief Marketing Officer
Xactly Corp

Bernie Kassar

Bernard Kassar
Chief Customer Officer
Xactly Corp

jim bangs

Jim Bangs
SVP of Sales Operations


Mark Evans
Director of Sales - North America
Viega LLC

Andrew Lawson Comp Cloud

Andrew Lawson
Executive Vice President and General Manager UK

erik charles

Erik Charles
VP, Strategic Marketing
Xactly Corp

Arnab Mishra - Xactly Corp

Arnab Mishra
SVP, Products
Xactly Corp

gary cottrell

Gary Cottrell
Director, Strategic Solutions
Xactly Corp

david kohari comp cloud

David Kohari
VP, Strategic Services and Customer Success

lee goldberg comp cloud

Lee Goldberg
VP, Sales and Marketing


Carlison Morris
Technical Manager, MHA MacIntyre Hudson


Justin Lane
Sr. Director, Strategic Services
Xactly Corp

christopher li

Christopher Li
Sr. Director, Product
Xactly Corp

Cole Connelly

Cole Connelly
Product Manager
Xactly Corp


Eric Embir
Product Manager
Xactly Corp

colin shubrook comp cloud xactly

Colin Shubrook
Solution Consultant
Xactly Corp


The Soho Hotel

4 Richmond Mews
Soho, London

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The Soho Hotel

4 Richmond Mews
Soho, London

or Questions?

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